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Automotive EMC Expert System

Work on a set of algorithms for identifying and evaluating potential EMC problems in automotive designs began back in 2000 when General Motors sponsored a multi-university project to investigate ways to identify and solve EMC problems with automobiles in the early stages of a design, before the first prototypes were ever built.

Although many algorithms have been developed and validated, there is currently no commercial software available that utilizes these algorithms. Nevertheless, the automotive EMC expert system research has provided a great deal of insight regarding the significant factors contributing to automotive EMC problems and generated results that can be used to quickly estimate the magnitude of many potential problems.

As the amount of electronics in automobiles continues to grow and the complexity of the possible interactions between systems increases, it is likely that software utilizing expert system algorithms will be a necessary tool for automotive designers. In the meantime, researchers in the Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory are continuing to evaluate and refine the existing algorithms, while exploring areas for the development of new algorithms.