3F - Cultural Setting

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Although the physical geography of the natural landscape influences the type of land use and historical development of an area most directly, variations in cultural influence and settlement patterns can affect the ultimate destiny of a region profoundly. Native American philosophies regarding stewardship of land and wise use of natural resources were often quite different from those of the European settlers who displaced them. The skills and traditions of African slaves, as well as those of more willing immigrants from all over the globe, introduced a diversity of talents and knowledge which helped make possible the economic growth and development of the southeast. Wars and a variety of other economic and political conflicts in the region have also shaped and been shaped by the cultural landscape. Although many of these early cultures and traditions have changed considerably over time or may have been lost altogether, their memories live on through folklore and legends, and through place names given to towns, rivers, hills, and other notable landscape features.


  • How Places Get Their Names
  • Native Americans
  • Early Explorers and Settlements
  • Impact of Wars and Regional Conflicts
  • Ethnic and Racial Distribution

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  • Rationale
  • Performance Objectives
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Newspaper Article
  • Study Area Description

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  • Power Thinking Exercise
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  1. Place Names and Geography
  2. Ethical and Racial Distribution

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