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Dr. Joseph R. Manson

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Manson’s research interests are in theoretical surface physics, materials science and atomic physics. A long standing interest and his current main thrust is the theory of atomic and molecular scattering from surfaces. The scattering of monoenergetic beams of atoms from surfaces is a well-developed experimental technique that has produced enormous amounts of new information about atom-surface interaction forces, and about the structure and dynamics of surfaces. Much of Manson’s work involves collaborating with experimental groups on the development and interpretation of new measurements, and this requires development of new theoretical tools and substantial computational effort. Present work involves calculating intensities for the scattering of He atoms from surface defects, resonance scattering, the scattering of rotating and vibrating molecules from surfaces, rare gas scattering from molten metal surfaces, and surface scattering under classical conditions. One extension of this work has been to re-examine and extend the theory of gas-surface interactions in the rarefied gas limit. The detailed state-to-state scattering theories, both quantum mechanical and classical, which have already been tested in beams-surface experiments are being used to calculate such useful aerodynamic quantities as the energy accommodation coefficient and the lift and drag coefficients for a rarefied gas in contact with a surface. This work has very practical applications such as predicting the re-entry of space vehicles into a planetary atmosphere, rocket exhaust plumes in outer space, gas turbines and micro-mechanical devices.


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   Professor of Physics, Greenville Technical College



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  Graduate Student


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Graduate Student

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Iryna Moroz
Post Doctoral Research Associate


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Tray Karra
Web Maintenance, ECE Graduate Student


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Powers Judson A 
Undergraduate Student


Tang, Yarong
Graduate Student


Iftimia, Ileana
  Post Doctoral Research Associate


Brown, Jason S.
  Post Doctoral Research Associate


Dai, Jinze,
 Graduate Student

Origin: China
MS Physics, Clemson Univ. SC, USA
BS Meteorology, Peking Univ. CHINA


Li, Mubing
Graduate Student

Origin: Beijing, China
BS Atmospheric Sci., Peking Univ., CHINA


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