How does it work?
The Bite Counter tracks wrist motion. The human wrist rolls in a distinctive pattern during eating. Our patent pending technology uses this principle along with sophisticated filters and heuristics to count bites.
The device can be used to measure consumption during meals and other periods of contiguous eating. It must be turned on at the start of each eating activity, and turned off at the end of each eating activity. It is not intended to monitor casual consumption such as the drinking of a soda throughout the day.
Bite count can be observed real-time while eating. A count-based alarm buzzer can be custom programmed as a cue to stop eating. The device can store over one month of eating activities or the data can downloaded to a computer for long-term analysis and visualization.
The Bite Counter is a tool, not a diet. It can be used with any exercise or weight loss plan. The purpose of the bite counter is to provide real-time feedback during eating, and to simplify long-term monitoring.