SERMON XXVII Participant List

If your name does not appear on this list by March 15 you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement for travel so please be sure to register early! Names with a * are speakers.

Abbey Bourdon* (University of Georgia)

Matt Boylan (University of South Carolina)

Stevo Bozinovski* (South Carolina State University)

Jim Brown (Clemson University)

Michael Bush* (Washington and Lee University)

Sungkon Chang (Armstrong State University)

Peter Fletcher (Virginia Tech University)

Hugh Geller (Clemson University)

Jonathan Gerhard (James Madison University)

Luke Giberson (Clemson University) Arran Hamm (Winthrop University)

Jessie Hamm (Winthrop University)

Wilson Harvey (University of South Carolina)

Brian Hipp (Winthrop University)

Kevin James (Clemson University)

Marvin Jones (Greenville Technical College)

Daniel Kamenetsky* (University of South Carolina)

Holly Krieger* (MIT)

Trent Kull (Winthrop University)

Codie Lewis (James Madison University)

Huixi Li (Clemson University)

Maria Markovich (University of South Carolina)

Harsh Mehta (University of South Carolina)

Alexsander Morgan (University of Virginia)

Charles Morrissey (Emory University)

Jackson Morrow (Emory University)

Mary Pat Sjostrom (Winthrop University)

Sebastian Pauli (UNC Greensboro)

Ameya Pitale* (University of Oklahoma)

Joe Rusinko (Winthrop University)

Jonathan Sands (Univeristy of Vermont)

Brian Sinclair* (UNC Greensboro)

Kate Thompson (Davidson College)

Frank Thorne* (University of South Carolina)

Jesse Thorner* (Emory University)

Ila Varma* (Princeton University)

Trevor Vilardi (Clemson University)

John Webb (James Madison University)

Mckenzie West* (Emory University)

Cassie Williams (James Madison University)

Camron Withrow (Virginia Tech)

Thomas Wright* (Wofford College)

Xiaofei Yi (University of South Carolina)

Paul Young* (College of Charleston)

David Zureick-Brown* (Emory University)

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