Jeremy King's Research Interests and Activities

New and Recent Papers
  • Alkali-Activity Correlations in Open Clusters   (King & Schuler 2004; AJ 128, 2898)     PS file    PDF file
  • Chemical Composition in the Globular Cluster M71  from Keck/HIRES Spectra of Turn-Off Stars   (Boesgaard et al. 2005; ApJ, in press)    PS file  PDF file
  • High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Ursa Major Moving Group Stars   (King & Schuler 2005; PASP 117, 911)    PS file    PDF file

  • Keck/HIRES Spectroscopy of Four Candidate Solar Twins   (King et al. 2005; AJ 130, 2318)                  PS file PDF file
  •    Possible Identification of  a Metal-Rich Moving Group: High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Candidate Members   (Daane, King & Schuler 2007; AJ 133, 2654)        PS file  PDF file