ECE 893:  Computer Vision Seminar

Fall 2003

3:00-3:50pm F, 223  Riggs




In this course, we will review recent research publications related to 



Each week we will meet to discuss one paper from the recent literature.  Students should read the paper beforehand and prepare questions and comments in order to participate fully in the discussion.  Additionally, students should volunteer to lead the discussion at least once during the semester (don't worry:  it's okay if you don't understand the paper!).  To get 1 hour credit for the course, students must


Prof. Stan Birchfield
207A Riggs Hall
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Date Paper(s) Discussion leader(s)
8/29/03 intro / overview Stan Birchfield
9/5/03 Rowley, Baluja, and Kanade, Neural-network based face detection, CVPR, 1996; or
Rowley, Baluja, and Kanade, Neural-network based face detection, PAMI, 20(1):23-38, 1998
Bragad Natarajan
9/12/03 Viola and Jones, Rapid Object Detection using a Boosted Cascade of Simple Features, CVPR 2001;
[optional background reading: Freund and Schapire, A short introduction to boosting, JJSAI, 1999]
Amar Subramanya
9/19/03 Shi and Tomasi, Good features to track, CVPR 1994;
[optional background reading:  Lucas and Kanade, An iterative image registration technique with an application to stereo vision , IJCAI 1981
Stan Birchfield
9/26/03 Wang and Adelson, Representing moving images with layers, TIP, 3(5):625-637, 1994 Raghu Kumaran
10/3/03 Brostow and Essa, Motion Based Decompositing of Video, ICCV 1999 Guang Zeng
10/10/03 Schodl and Essa, Depth layers from occlusions, CVPR 2001;
[optional background reading:  minimum description length (MDL) web site]
Yi Jiang
10/17/03 C. Tomasi and T. Kanade, Shape and Motion from Image Streams under Orthography: a Factorization Method, IJCV, 9(2): 137-154, 1992; or
C. Tomasi and T. Kanade, Factoring Image Sequences into Shape and Motion, Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Visual Motion, 1991; or
C. Tomasi and T. Kanade, Shape and Motion Without Depth, ICCV 1990
Stan Birchfield
10/24/03 Haritaoglu, Harwood, and Davis, W4:  Who?  When?  Where?  What?  A real time system for detecting and tracking people, FAGR 1998 Sunil Guduru
10/31/03 Jepson, Fleet, and El-Maraghi,  Robust Online Appearance Models for Visual Tracking, CVPR 2001 Shrinivas Pundlik
11/7/03 Birchfield and Tomasi, Multiway cut for stereo and motion with slanted surfaces, ICCV 1999;
[optional background reading:  Boykov, Veksler, Zabih, Markov random fields with efficient approximations, CVPR 1998]
Stan Birchfield
11/14/03 W. T. Freeman and E. H. Adelson, The design and use of steerable filters, PAMI 13(9):891-906, 1991 Sriram Rangarajan
11/21/03 Tommasini et al., Making Good Features Track Better, CVPR 1998 Vikram Iyengar


Computer vision books


Potential papers to cover in the future

  1. Robert T. Collins, Mean-shift blob tracking through scale space, CVPR 2003
  2. Grimson et al., Using adaptive tracking to classify and monitor activities in a site, CVPR 1998
  3. M. J. Jones and J. M. Rehg, Statistical Color Models with Application to Skin Detection, Int. J. of Computer Vision, 46(1):81-96, Jan 2002.
  4. Morency, Rahimi, Darrell, Adaptive View-based Appearance Model, CVPR, 2003
  5. M. Irani, Multi-Frame Optical Flow Estimation Using Subspace Constraints, ICCV 1999
  6. Wu and Huang,  A Co-inference Approach to Robust Visual Tracking
  7. Sigal, Sclaroff, and Athitsos,  Estimation and prediction of evolving color distributions for skin segmentation under varying illumination, CVPR 2000
  8. Choo and Fleet.  People tracking using hybrid Monte Carlo filtering, ICCV 2001
  9. Elgammal and Davis, Probabilistic framework for segmenting people under occlusion, ICCV 2001
  10. Comaniciu, and Ramesh, and Meer,  Real-time tracking of non-rigid objects using mean shift, CVPR 2000
  11. Rui and Chen, Better proposal distributions:  Object tracking using unscented particle filter, CVPR 2001
  12. Toyama and Blake, Probabilistic Tracking in a Metric Space, ICCV 2001
  13. McKenna and Gong
  14. T. Darrell, A radial cumulative similarity transform for robust image correspondence, CVPR 1998
  15. H. Schneiderman, T. Kanade. A Statistical Method for 3D Object Detection Applied to Faces and Cars, CVPR 2000
  16. Belhumeur, P.N., Hespanha, J.P., Kriegman, D.J., Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class-Specific Linear Projection, PAMI(19), No. 7, July 1997, pp. 711-720. 
  17. Veksler, Fast Variable Window for Stereo Correspondence using Integral Images, CVPR 2003
  18. Sullivan, Blake, Isard, and MacCormick, Object Localization by Bayesian Correlation, ICCV 1999
  19. Horprasert, Harwood, Davis, A robust background subtraction and shadow detection,
  20. Javed, Shafique, Shah, A hierarchical approach to robust background subtraction using color and gradient information,
  21. Jianbo Shi, Serge Belongie, Thomas Leung, Jitendra Malik, Image And Video Segmentation: The Normalized Cut Framework, ICIP 1998
  22. Boykov, Veksler, Zabih, Markov Random fields with efficient approximations, CVPR 1998
  23. Toyama et al. Wallflower: Principles and Practice of Background Maintenance, ICCV 1999

  24. Ivanov et al., Fast Lighting Independent Background Subtraction, IEEE Workshop on Visual Surveillance, 1998

  25. Chafik KERMAD, Christophe COLLEWET, Improving Feature Tracking by Robust Points of Interest Selection,

  26. Torresani and Bregler, Space-time tracking, ECCV 2002

  27. M. J. Black and D. J. Fleet, Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Motion Boundaries Int. J. of Computer Vision, 38(3):231-245, July 2000  Or Probabilistic detection and tracking of motion discontinuities in ICCV 1999