KLTCreate...() / KLTFree...()

KLT_TrackingContext KLTCreateTrackingContext(void);

KLT_FeatureList KLTCreateFeatureList(
int nFeatures);

KLT_FeatureHistory KLTCreateFeatureHistory(
int nFrames);

KLT_FeatureTable KLTCreateFeatureTable(
int nFrames,
int nFeatures);

void KLTFreeTrackingContext(
KLT_TrackingContext tc);

void KLTFreeFeatureList(
KLT_FeatureList fl);

void KLTFreeFeatureHistory(
KLT_FeatureHistory fh);

void KLTFreeFeatureTable(
KLT_FeatureTable ft);

These functions create and free various structures. Technically, it is good programming practice to free the structures after using them, although this is not done in any of the example code.

KLTCreateTrackingContext() is a little different from the other creation routines in that it uses default values defined in klt.c to set up the structure. These values can be changed if desired.