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Modular taper testing methods

Modular tapers in orthopedic implants are an important design element that assists surgeons in providing the best implant construct for the patient, eases revision and allows optimal materials to be used for different aspects of the implant design. These modular tapers have experienced significant concerns in the past related to Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion (Gilbert et al, J Biomed Mat Res, 1993). Current bench-top testing of modular taper junctions have been changing significantly due to increased concern about the effects of surgeon, patient and implant design and materials on the taper fretting corrosion performance. As a result, the Gilbert lab has developed a number of novel test methods to evaluate modular taper mechanics and corrosion behavior. These tests include taper seating mechanics tests (Ouellette, et al., JOR, 2017) as well as incremental cyclic fretting corrosion tests (Mali and Gilbert, ASTM STP, 2016)

Figure: Seating mechanics analysis of head-beck modular taper locking.

Figure: Seating mechanics analysis of head-beck modular taper locking.

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