CEDE Spring 2017: Volunteer Information

Volunteering Opportunities

CEDE Spring 2017 is run by CEDAR and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in conjunction with EMAG!NE. Its purpose is to expose grade school students to science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) principles at Clemson University through lab tours and equipment demonstrations. Read about CEDE 2016 and CEDE 2015 at the Clemson Newsstand.

Volunteers are needed to help setup and cleanup, provide lab/shop tours, showcase STEAM-related demonstrations, and to guide classes of students. Contact Steven O’Shields with any questions.

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Volunteer Information

When is CEDE Spring 2017?

Friday, April 28th. Volunteers are needed from 8am-2pm.

What jobs are needed for the event?

  • Setup: help setup various stations before the event begins
  • Guide: walk a group to stations located on campus
  • Demonstration: run a STEAM related demonstration
  • Lab Tour: provide a tour of your lab and research or shop space (e.g. 3D printers, machining equipment, prototyping equipment, testing rigs.)
  • Lunch: help setup, clean, and provide lunch
  • Cleanup: help clean other stations

What lab tours are needed for the event?

Tours of research labs and shop spaces would be used to show the elementary school students what projects STEAM-related researchers complete.  These are beneficial to show the students so they can be exposed to STEAM-related research. Volunteers should prepare tours that are developed for an elementary school audience.

What type of demonstrations are needed?

Demonstrations are encouraged to show students STEAM-related principles. Volunteers are encouraged to be creative and to remember to prepare demonstrations that are developed for an elementary school audience.

Where will CEDE Spring 2017 be held?

Clemson University’s main campus, primarily located around the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building (map).

Note that activities will be located outside, weather permitting. Please dress accordingly.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, we will have fruit, water, and Papa John’s pizza (cheese, pepperoni, sausage) for all event volunteers. Volunteers will be served pizza after all guests have received their lunch.

I want to help with CEDE Spring 2017. Where can I register to volunteer?

Please register by Monday, April 24th through the form on the right of the page. If the form does not appear, refresh your page or complete the form here.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact Steven O’Shields (stoshie@g.clemson.edu) with any questions.

Volunteer Registration