CEDE 2016: Clemson Engineering Design Expo

CEDE 2016 is run by CEDAR and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in conjunction with EMAG!NE. Its purpose is to expose grade school students to science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) principles at Clemson University through lab tours and equipment demonstrations. Read about last year’s CEDE 2015 at the Clemson Newsstand.

Please read the FAQs below and register for the event using the form on the right. If the form does not appear, try reloading the page or complete the form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is CEDE 2016?

Friday, December 2nd, from 8:45am-1pm.

Where will CEDE 2016 be held?

Clemson University’s main campus, primarily located around the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building (map).

Note that activities will be located outside, weather permitting. Please dress accordingly.

Why should my class attend CEDE 2016?

This is a great opportunity to bring your students on a field trip to Clemson University. Plus, your students will be able to see 3D printers, machining equipment, engineering project prototypes, and view some state of the art research conducted in the engineering facilities.

How much does it cost to attend CEDE 2016?

There is no fee to attend CEDE 2016.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, fruit, water, and Papa John’s pizza (cheese, pepperoni, sausage) will be provided free of charge for all classes that RSVP. Fruit will also be provided as a snack before lunch.

What is the event schedule for CEDE 2016?

Event attendees will receive the schedule no later than the day before the event. The general schedule will be:

  • 8:40am:  classes arrive at Clemson
  • 8:45am-12:00pm:  classes attend sessions
  • 12:00pm-12:50pm:  lunch
  • 1:00pm:  classes depart Clemson

Is funding provided for travel to and from the event?

No, unfortunately Clemson University and the Department of Mechanical Engineering cannot provide funding for travel.

I want to attend CEDE 2016 with my class. Where can I RSVP?

Please RSVP by Friday, November 11th through the form on the right of the page. If the form does not appear, refresh your page or complete the form here.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact Steven O’Shields (stoshie@g.clemson.edu) with any questions.

Event Registration Form

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