Jebin Biju
Jebin is working on establishing a design framework for multi-functional composites using multilevel optimization. He is advised by Dr. Fadel.
Nathan Brown
Nathan is working on utilization of meta-materials to distribute pressure in lower limb prosthetics. He is advised by Dr. Fadel.
Caroline Buck
Graduate Research Assistant
Caroline is advised by Dr. Fadel. Her research work is titled 'Finding an optimal laser scanning path in SLM/DMLS to reduce deformations on final built parts caused from uneven heating/cooling'.
Jonathan Charron
Sara Damas
Graduate Research Assistant
Sara is working on multi-material 3D printing, and is advised by Dr. Turner.
Brian Davenport
Brian is working on developing a method of measuring a student's knowledge of working on a team and how this knowledge changes over the course of a project. He is advised by Dr. Summers.
Sean Fry
Graduate Research Assistant
Sean is working on multi-axial robotic test frame for additive manufacturing materials. He is advised by Dr.Turner.
John Kremar
John is working on topology optimization of irregular shaped pressure vessels.
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua is a new graduate student and he is exploring research areas. He is advised by Dr. Summers.
Jessica Plaunt
Jessica is a new graduate student and is currently exploring research areas. She is advised by Dr. Summers.
Travis Roberts
Graduate Research Assistant
Nicholas Spivey
Graduate Research Assistant
Nick is looking at how requirements are related to specific features in sketches, and how sketches can be used to develop requirements. Nick is advised by Dr. Summers.
Chase Wentzky
Graduate Research Assistant
Chase is studying human factors in automation, and best practices for implementing automation technologies in manufacturing. He is working with Dr. Summers.
Nicole Zero
Graduate Grading Assitant
Nicole works on change management process for automation implementations in manufacturing. She is advised by Dr. Summers.