PhD Researchers

Malena Agyemang
Graduate Research Assistant
Malena is studying generation and application of design analogies, investigating their potential in various aspects of engineering design theory and methodology within engineering for global development. Malena is working with Dr. Turner.
Moh'd Jaradat
Graduate Grading Assistant
Moh'd is developing a process to integrate simulation and experimental models of spinal cords to provide injury prediction. Moh'd is working with both Dr. Summers and Dr. Harman.
Vijay Sreedhara
Graduate Research Assistant
Vijay is the Laboratory Assistant for the ME4020 Capstone Design Program and is currently working to understand the expenditure and reconstitution of energy during bouts of work. He is working with Dr. Mocko.
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Shubhamkar Kulkarni
Graduate Research Assistant
Shubham is developing simulation models for predicting deformation for Single Point Incremental Forming processes. He is working with Dr. Mocko.
Nafiseh Masoudi
Graduate Research Assitant
Nafiseh is working on the optimal cable routing and cable harness optimization problem. Nafiseh is working with Dr. Fadel.
Apurva Patel
Graduate Research Assistant
Apurva is working on developing an input-process-output model for function modeling in engineering design. He is advised by Dr. Summers.
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Sourabh Karmakar
Graduate Lab Assistant
Sourabh is a new PhD student who is exploring research areas. He is advised by Dr. Turner.