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Computer Modeling Tools for Electromagnetic Compatibility

electromagnetic modeling codes - past and present


circuit board model and radiated emissions plot

This half-day training session is intended to bring engineers up to date on the latest computer modeling tools available to help them analyze system and board designs and troubleshoot electromagnetic interference problems with existing products. Students completing the course will be aware of the tools available to them and able to make good decisions regarding the tools that are appropriate for their needs.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction
    • Overview of available tools and software
    • What you can expect to accomplish
  2. Numerical EM Modeling Tools and Techniques
    • The hype vs. the reality
    • 2D, 2.5D and 3D tools
    • Static field solvers, time-domain and frequency domain codes
    • Boundary element codes and the method of moments (BEM/MoM)
    • Finite element codes (FEM)
    • Finite difference time domain codes (FDTD)
    • TLM, GMT, FETD and PEEC codes
    • GTD, UTD and PO codes
    • Hybrid methods
    • Learning to use EM modeling tools
    • Validating EM modeling tools
    • Applications to problems of practical significance
    • Specific-purpose tools employing numerical techniques
    • Software suites and development platforms
    • Recommended tools for novices and power users
  3. Analytical Modeling Tools
    • Impedance calculators
    • Interference and crosstalk estimators
    • Maximum emissions calculators
  4. EMC Rule Checkers
    • For PCB layout
    • For system design
  5. EMC Expert Systems
    • For printed circuit boards
    • For automotive designs
    • For electronic products
  6. Conclusions
    • Strategies for choosing the appropriate tools for your application
    • Making the best use of the tools you have
    • Industry trends that will affect the way tools are used in the future
Course Instructor
Prof. Todd Hubing

Prof. Todd H. Hubing

Phone: (864) 656-7219


To schedule an offering of this course in your city or at your company, contact the Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory at Questions concerning the course content can be addressed directly to the instructor listed above.