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Automotive Electronics Integration - AuE 835


Automotive SystemsThis course provides an overview of the primary electronic systems found in automotive designs including critical systems such as power train control, steering and braking as well as emissions control, navigation, driver interface, entertainment and communication systems. The course covers automotive communication networks and protocols, power distribution and hybrid system controls. Students will learn to use on-board diagnostics to communicate with the electronic systems in an automobile and extract essential system performance information. The course also reviews trends in automotive electronics as well as issues (such as cost, reliability and systems integration) that are driving the industry.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will become familiar with the various electronic components and systems in a typical automobile.
  2. Students will become familiar with the various automotive communication busses and be able to select an appropriate bus for a particular application.
  3. Students will learn to obtain information about a vehicle’s status or performance by monitoring the various communications busses.
  4. Students will become familiar with automotive design and development cycles and how vehicle electronics fits in to this process.
  5. Students will learn to recognize factors that are likely to impact the cost and reliability of electronic components.

Course Topics

  1. Overview of vehicle electronic systems
  2. Automotive electronic components, sensors and actuators
  3. Automotive Communication Busses – CAN, MOST, …
  4. Electric power generation and distribution
  5. Electronic system design and modeling
  6. Electronics testing and troubleshooting
  7. Electromagnetic compatibility
  8. Process Chain from an OEM’s perspective
  9. Process Chain from a supplier’s perspective.
  10. Future Directions in Electronic systems integration.


This 3-credit graduate course is part of the new Automotive Engineering graduate degree program at Clemson. It is a required course for the MS degree in Automotive Engineering at Clemson and is offered each year in the fall semester on the CU-ICAR campus.

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