The Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory

Automotive Grounding and Shielding - AuE 893


AuE893 students measuring a truck on the chassis dynamometer

The course addresses the integration of electronic components and systems in automotive designs. Students learn proper procedures for making accurate electronic measurements and develop the skills necessary to design and integrate electronic components in an automotive system. The course also provides students with hands-on experience diagnosing and troubleshooting electronic noise problems.


This course relies on course notes that are distributed in class. There is no required text.

Course Objectives

  1. To recognize and understand the fundamental sources electronic noise including field coupling, crosstalk, radiated emissions, radiated susceptibility, electrostatic discharge and lightning.
  2. To gain an ability to diagnose and solve noise problems in automotive electronic components and systems.
  3. To be able to estimate resistance, capacitance and inductance parameters and reduce complex noise issues to basic circuit problems.
  4. To be able to make accurate electronic measurements in automotive systems.
  5. To be able to apply proper grounding, shielding and filtering techniques when appropriate to improve the electromagnetic compatibility (and/or reduce the cost) of electronic components.

More Information

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