The Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory

10 Reasons to make Equipment and Software Donations to the Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory

  1. It's good marketing!
    Within a few years, the students working in our laboratory will be making purchasing decisions for their employers.
  2. It helps to recruit good engineers!
    Tomorrow's leading automotive engineers and engineering managers are being trained in our laboratory. Soon they will be seeking employment and are more likely to go to work for a company with a familiar name.
  3. It's good for morale!
    Employees are proud to work for a company that supports engineering education.
  4. It's good customer relations!
    Customers feel good about purchasing from a company that supports engineering education.
  5. University laboratories are trend setters!
    When industries implement ideas and techniques developed at a university, they often choose to purchase the same model equipment that was used at the university.
  6. University students and faculty are walking testimonials!
    University researchers are generally very proud of their equipment and very grateful to have it.
  7. Universities are influential!
    Companies about to make a major equipment or software purchase sometimes seek advice from university researchers who are familiar with the product.
  8. University laboratories get many visitors!
    University laboratories are often "show cases" for the university. They are frequently visited by representatives from industry and government development labs.
  9. It's good business!
    Most donations to universities are tax deductible.
  10. Universities publish their work!
    University researchers publish the work that they do. A technical article that describes work accomplished using a particular piece of equipment can be a more effective sales tool than a paid advertisement.

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