Automotive Electronics

Brushless DC Motors

Basic Description
Brushless DC motor

Unlike brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors generally employ a permanent magnet on the rotor and the windings are on the stator. Electronic controls are used to change the polarity of the current in the windings. Sensors monitor the position of the rotor and feed this information back to the electronic controls. Brushless DC motors are more akin to synchronous AC motors than to brushed DC motors.

Advantages of brushless DC motors over brushed DC motors

  • Higher efficiency
  • Better reliability
  • No mechanical wear of commutator assembly
  • Quieter
  • No sparks
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Lower electromagnetic emissions

Baldor, Circor, Groschopp, Kinetek, Lynch Motor Company, Met Motors, MicroMo, Motion Control Group, Pittman, Portescap, Powertec, Teco
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