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Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout Questions

3. What is expert system software "looking for" when it examines a board layout?

Expert system tools examine boards in much the same manner as a professional EMC engineer. They evaluate possible EMI sources, coupling paths and antennas, then identify and rank potential EMC problems. Expert system algorithms to evaluate and identify EMC problems with printed circuit board (PCB) designs have been developed and are described in the literature [1-4]. These algorithms analyze printed circuit board sources and structures to estimate the maximum likely radiated emissions due to particular coupling mechanisms. Algorithms developed so far look for many types of potential problems with a circuit board layout, including:

  • Structures that may induce voltages that drive a heatsink or cable relative to the board
  • Structures that may induce currents on cables
  • Structures that may drive resonances in a shielded enclosure
  • Radiation directly from the power bus structure
  • Potentially disruptive ESD current paths
  • Circuits potentially vulnerable to magnetic field coupling

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