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EMC Products and Services

These links to companies that provide products or services of interest to the EMC community are provided as a public service. Companies with link on this page are not necessarily approved or endorsed by Clemson University or the Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory. If you know of a link that should be added to this list, send it to

Components and Filters
Test Equipment
Test Environments
Test Laboratories
ESD Control
Shielding and Gasketing
Short Courses

Components and Filters
Computer Software - EMC Measurements
Computer Software - EMC and Signal Integrity Tools
Computer Software - EM Modeling
EMC Test Equipment
EMC Test Environments
EMC Test Laboratories
ESD Control Products
  • ACL Staticide (static dissipative materials and coatings)
  • Desco (static dissipative bags, ionizers, wrist straps)
  • ESD (workstations, floors, ionizers, packaging)
Shielding and Gasketing
Consulting Services
Short Courses