Selected Materials Science Publications:

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Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of

Thin Films and Coatings

Contact Information:

       Postal Mail: Dr. Marian (Molly) Kennedy

                           Clemson University

                           Department of Materials Sci. & Eng.

                           Sirrine Hall, Rm. 161

                           Clemson, SC 29634

        Office: Olin Hall, Rm. 201b

        phone: 864.656.5349


Engineering Education Research:

Self-Efficacy and Identity

The Kennedy research group focuses on the mechanical and tribological response of thin films and coatings. Using the fabrication facilities at COMSET and at collaborating labs to fabricate and prepare these systems, her group characterizes how small feature sizes influence both deformation mechanisms and also failure of these structures.   In addition, the group also seeks to positively impacting science and engineering education via research on student motivation and self efficacy. 

She maintains a diverse research group consisting of graduate students, undergraduates and also high school students. In addition to research, the group also runs the Research Experience for Undergraduates site "Interfaces and Surfaces: Exploring and Experiencing Science" ( 

Selected Engineering Education Publications:

  1. 1.Identifying Why STEM Students Seek Teaching Internships, M.S. Kennedy, L. Benson, C.D. McGough, M. Cook, In Proceedings of the ASEE 2015 Annual Conference, Seattle, WA., #11709 (2015).

  1. 2.Undergraduate Students’ Materials Science and Engineering Self-efficacy: Assessment and Implications, M.S. Kennedy, N. Mamaril, D.R. Economy, E. Usher, C. Li, J.L. Sharp, In Proceedings of the ASEE 2015 Annual Conference, Seattle, WA.,  #11710 (2015).

  1. 3.Factors associated with student decision- making for participation in the research experiences for undergraduates program.  D. R. Economy, J. L. Sharp, J. P. Martin, M. S. Kennedy, International Journal of Engineering Education, v. 30, No. 6(A), pp. 1–10 (2014).

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5.Influential Agents of Social Capital for engineering undergraduate researchers. J. Martin, M. Miller, M.S. Kennedy. In Proceedings of the ASEE 2011 Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX., AC2012-3860 (2011).

Materials Deformation to Materials Education:

Kennedy Research

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