FAQ’s for Faculty Advisors

During this program, each student will have one advisor (a faculty member) and one mentor (senior graduate student or post doctoral researcher).  These two people will work together to define the REU student’s research project and help the student learn to work in a research laboratory.

Benefits to Advisors

Each advisor will be able to work with a top student form across the country.  These students will be paid, given access to characterization and professional development workshops and allocated a material supply stipend ($400).

Applying to be a Faculty Mentor

Faculty advisors recommit each year to the program by supplying a research title, abstract and name of the graduate student mentor to Dr. Kennedy by October 1st.  This information will be posted on the REU website for prospective students.  If this is your first time applying, you will also need to turn in a statement about your ability to successfully mentor undergraduate students.


Faculty advisors are expected to work with the PIs to sort and accept the applicants.  Once a student is accepted, the faculty mentor will email the student with both a project description and also a journal paper.  These mentors are invited to several social events as well as any of the workshops and group discussions.  At the end of the program, the advisors are expected to help the students complete a poster for the REU symposium.  Please also remember to thank NSF for funding in all abstracts and journal papers using award number: 1062873.

Program Orientation

All faculty advisors and graduate student mentors are expected to attend a one hour orientation

Please contact Dr. Kennedy with any additional questions.