Connected Vehicles

Cyber Security of Connected Vehicles


Inter_Area Energy Storage Control

Research areas


Safety Diagnostics and Operational Modes Selection for Unmanned Vehicles


Objective: The limitations in sensing capability for unmanned vehicles traveling in unstructured terrains lead to the reduced operation of vehicles. We aim to make predictions of critical situations for selecting suitable operational modes based on the level of risk that the vehicles face.



Secure Vehicle Localization and Cruise Control for Connected Vehicles


Objective: Develop fault diagnostics strategies for individual vehicles in Connected Vehicle Scenario.


Connected Vehicles










Adversarial Attacks on Connected and Automated Vehicles


Objective: The deep neural network (DNN) based perception systems in CAVs need to be robustified or secured so that they can be resilient to adversarial attacks, or the system should be able to detect adversarial attacks and mitigate their effects.




Cyber Security of connected vehicles


Objective:  Decentralized failure detection and reconstruction for connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles to improve the performance under network.


Safety of car internal network


Objective:  Vehicles internal network is vulnerable to failure regarding of sending wrong message or to be affected with viruses. Observing important ECUs in vehicles to receive correct information is vital for vehicle performance.

Machine learning approach with RC-Car testbed


Objective: The Intrusion Detection System monitors network traffic looking for anomalies and forwards the outputs of the most trusted device. In this way we can defend against man-in-the-middle attacks.




Cyber Security of Connected Vehicles




Estimation and Diagnostics
of Li-ion Batteries


Objective: Develop algorithms for Li-ion battery
state-of-charge and state-of-health estimation.  Verify the effectiveness of the algorithms by theoretical analysis, simulation studies and hardware experiments.





Decentralized Damping Control of Inter-Area Oscillations Using Distributed Energy Storage


Objective: Develop decentralized control strategies for damping inter-area oscillations in power systems utilizing distributed energy storage and decomposition methodologies.


Inter-Area Energy Storage Control

Updated on 11/03/2021