The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, in cooperation with Clemson Libraries is seeking undergraduate student researchers for ROER: Robotics Open Educational Resources, a project to develop free textbooks and learning resources on robotics for students at Clemson and other 4-year undergraduate colleges across the state. Students who take part will spend 2-5 hours each week during the Spring 2022 semester. They will learn skills in educational research, conduct research to develop textbooks and learning materials that are better suited to interests and needs of other CECAS students, and will also present their research findings in engineering conferences and scholarly publications. This is a Clemson University Creative Inquiry course. You will receive academic credit for your participation and be named as contributors in the textbooks and learning materials created by the project, which will be used by thousands of students in Clemson, South Carolina and beyond.


Please contact Dr. Yang Wu, Open Resources Librarian at ( if you have any questions about the program.