Clemson has made global engagement a requirement of the General Education curriculum for all undergraduate students. Finding ways to achieve engagement is a significant challenge that Dr. Minory Nammouz has embraced. Dr. Nammouz is a Principal Lecturer in EEES who is working closely with the Office of Global Engagement to pilot several international engagement opportunities. Her most recent effort involved the School of Engineering, School of Global and Community Studies, and Graduate School of Engineering of University of Fukui. On April 15 and 22, 2023, 20 students from the University of Fukui participated in joint discussions via Zoom meetings with about 30 students from Clemson University. The focus of this virtual exchange, “Exploring Environmental Science,” is an area of expertise for Dr. Nammouz. She has also developed similar exchanges with academic partners in the Middle East. Dr. Nammouz is paving the way for implementing global engagement activities that go well beyond textbooks. You can read more about the engagement effort with the University of Fukui here.