SC Space Grant Faculty and Student Programs open and now accepting applications!

Hello Space Grant Researchers, Students and Friends,

On behalf of SC Space Grant Consortium, I am pleased to announce that SCSGC is now accepting applications and proposals to for our 2022/2023 faculty and student funding opportunities.  You may find basic information about SC Space Grant Consortium, information about all of our programs and links to our social media outlets on our website.  Please take a look:  Please pass on these opportunities to those who may be interested.


We are pleased to announce our 2022/23 Faculty SC Space Grant programs:

*SCSGC Research and Education Awards Program (REAP) for faculty.  REAP applications are due by 5pm Friday, January 28, 2022.


*SCSGC Palmetto Academy, Summer 2022.  Palmetto Academy Faculty Applications are due MONDAY, December 7, 2021.


We are also pleased to announce our SC Space Grant Student Opportunities for 2022/23.

We offer 9 student programs:

*NEW* The Ray Green Technology Internship

*Graduate Research Fellowship, 

*Kathryn D. Sullivan Earth and Marine Science Fellowship, 

*Undergraduate Student Research Award,

*Minorities in STEM Research Award, 

*STEM Outreach awards,

*Technical College Research Award,

*NASA Center Internships,


*Palmetto Academy Student applications – Stay tuned for more information about selected Faculty projects and a specific student application deadline.

All of the student applications will be due by 5pm Friday, January 28, 2022.  

*Please note that these programs are contingent upon funding from NASA HQ and may be cancelled at any time.

To submit an application or proposal, and for more information on any of our programs, please visit our web site at:  Each of our programs has its own site with detailed information about specific requirements and eligibility.  All of our SCSGC member institutions, affiliates and educational partners are eligible for these programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing your proposals and applications.

Thanks so much,

Tara B. Scozzaro, MPA

NASA SC Space Grant Consortium &


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