The data below is described in:

Eightyone images used for experiments, and our results:

image number (ID) raw image result evaluation
im0001 success
im0002 success
im0003 failure
im0004 success
im0005 success
im0006 success
im0007 failure
im0008 success
im0009 success
im0010 success
im0011 success
im0012 success
im0013 failure
im0014 success
im0015 success
im0016 success
im0017 success
im0018 success
im0019 inconclusive
im0020 failure
im0021 success
im0022 success
im0023 success
im0024 success
im0025 success
im0026 failure
im0027 inconclusive
im0028 success
im0029 success
im0030 success
im0031 success
im0032 success
im0033 success
im0034 success
im0035 success
im0036 success
im0037 success
im0038 success
im0039 success
im0040 success
im0041 failure
im0042 success
im0043 success
im0044 success
im0045 success
im0046 success
im0048 success
im0049 success
im0050 success
im0076 success
im0077 success
im0080 success
im0081 success
im0082 success
im0139 failure
im0162 success
im0163 success
im0164 success
im0170 success
im0190 success
im0198 success
im0216 success
im0219 success
im0231 success
im0235 success
im0236 success
im0237 success
im0238 success
im0239 success
im0240 success
im0241 success
im0242 success
im0243 success
im0245 success
im0249 success
im0252 success
im0253 success
im0255 success
im0278 success
im0291 success
im0319 success

Inconclusive results occurred when our algorithm could not decide where the nerve was (it hypothesized more than one possible location).

The 81 images are available packaged in a single archive file (tar format) containing compressed (using gnuzip) portable pixmap (PPM) format images.
Ground truth locations (row col) of optic nerves in the ~400 images. A value of (-1 -1) indicates the nerve is not visible.
Locations identified by the algorithm for the optic nerve in all images.