Final project reports from Fall 2008:

  1. 3D point cloud construction
  2. camera calibration
  3. color segmentation
  4. distance measures
  5. level set tracking
  6. lucas kanade segmentation
  7. face detection
  8. IR structure detection
  9. multiperson tracking
  10. object extraction
  11. parking space classification
  12. position attitude sensing
  13. singularity
  14. tamil character recognition
  15. tennis touching point detection
  16. touchless writer
  17. soccer player tracking
  18. vehicle tracking

Final project reports from Fall 2007:

  1. Color Image Segmentation Using K Means
  2. Implementing the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm
  3. Implementation of texture segmentation using fractals
  4. Implementation of Canny Edge Detector of color images on CELL/B.E. Architecture
  5. Graph Based Image Segmentation
  6. Comparative Study of Face Recognition Algorithms
  7. Tracking Under Low-light Conditions Using Background Subtraction
  8. Image Segmentation: K-Means and EM Algorithms
  9. Motion Segmentation in Long Image Sequences

Final project reports from Fall 2004:

  1. Particle filter tracking with Isomap
  2. Image registration
  3. Background subtraction using color and gradient information
  4. Shape descriptor using polar plot for shape recognition
  5. 3D photography using shadows
  6. Digital image restoration techniques and automation
  7. Elliptical head tracker using intensity gradients and texture histograms
  8. Image Compression: Review and Comparison of Haar Wavelet Transform and Vector Quantization
  9. Facial Feature Detection and Gaze Tracking
  10. Fingerprint image enhancement and minutiae extraction
  11. Real time head tracker using frame grabber and a webcam
  12. Reading Barcodes Etched on Shiny Surfaces Using Basic Image Processing
  13. Face recognition using eigenfaces
  14. Skeet tracking:  counting hits and misses
  15. Simultaneous localisation and mapping with a single camera
  16. Semi-automated feature based image morphing using graph cuts
  17. Image Morphing: Feature based, View and Mesh
  18. Head tracking using stereo
  19. Computer vision for computer games
  20. Tracking of objects in spatiotemporal volume by graph-cuts
  21. Hand recognition and tracking
  22. Star sensor:  Star pattern recognition
  23. (omitted)
  24. Image synthesis for a CT simulator
  25. Vehicle boundary detection and tracking
  26. Tracking using intensity gradients and particle filtering
  27. Iris recognition for personal identification
  28. Image morphing:  a comparative study
  29. Head tracking using learned linear subspaces