Dr. Beshah Ayalew, Professor, Fellow ASME

    Principal Investigator

    Click Home for my brief profile; My detailed CV is available upon request. I do not update the webiste regularly.


    *Join the Group* : We are seeking highly qualified, analytically/mathematically inclined Ph.D. candidates and Post Docs to join our group. Funding available . If interested, contact Dr. Ayalew with your CV.

Current Ph.D. Students

    Nathan Goulet
    Nathan Goulet, Ph.D. Candidate
    BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2014
    Lindsey Sutton, Ph.D. Candidate
    MS, Automotive Engineering, Clemson University, 2020
    BS, Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2005
    Dissertaion Topic: Multi-Agent/Distributed Control of Connected Road Traffic Systems
    Dissertation Topic:Information-Driven Robust Control of Heavy Vehicles for Energy Efficiency
    Habtamu Hailemichael, Ph.D. Candidate
    BS, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Ethiopia
    MS, Polytechnico di Milano, Italy, 2020
    Dissertation Topic: Data-Driven Model Augmented Control

Current MS Students

    MS thesis candidates are now encouraged to contact me (both AuE and ME) for possible thesis topics (Starting Fall 2021).

Group Alumni


Post Docs/Visiting Scholars

    Dr. G.G. Md, Nawaz Ali, 2018-2019
    Ph.D. Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong
    Expertise: Modeling Communication Networks, Connected Vehicles, Traffic Modeling
    Currently, Assistant Profesor at Charleston University, WV
    Dr. Thomas Weiskircher, 2014-2015
    Post doctoral visiting scientist with Ph.D. from University of Kaiserslautern, Institute of Mechatronics in Automotive Engineering.
    Expertise: Vehicle dynamics and control, autonomous vehicles, and driver assistance systems.
    Currently: at Diamler R&D, Germany
    Dr. Meghashyam Panyam, 2016-2017
    MS and Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University.
    Expertise: Structural Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Vibrations, Energy Harvesting
    Currently: at CURI
    Dr. Hesam Zomorodi, 2016-2017
    Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology.
    Expertise: Energy and Manufacturing Systems Modeling, Model Predictive Control
    Currently: at Ford Motor Company


Graduated Students

    PhD Students

    DohYun Daniel Yoon
    DohYun Daniel Yoon, Ph.D. Summer 2021
    Dissertation Topic: Cooperative Perception for Social Driving in V2V Connected Traffic
    Currently, Electric Vehicle Engineer at Rivian
    Andinet Hunde
    Andinet Hunde, Ph.D. Summer 2020 (Ending chaired by Y. Jia)
    Dissertation Topic: Perception for Autonomous Vehicles in Uncertain Traffic
    Shiferaw Beyene
    Shiferaw Beyene, Ph.D. Summer 2019
    Dissertaion Topic: Optimal Control of UV Induced Curing Processes for Layer by Layer Manufacturing of Composites
    Currently, Engineering Research at Caterpillar
    Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson, Ph.D., Summer 2018
    Dissseration Topic: Computational Modeling of Ultra-high Performance Drivers
    Currently, Performance Tire Engineer at Michelin
    Andreas Kasprzok
    Andreas Kasprzok, Ph.D., Fall 2017
    Dissseration Topic: Modeling of Ant-Inspired Stochastic Vehicular Interaction Networks
    Started as Software Engineer at Autonomic Inc, Palo Alto, CA (acquired by Ford)
    Qian Wang
    Qian Wang, Ph.D., Fall 2017
    Dissertation: Control of Autonomous Vehicles in Multi-vehicle Traffic.
    Currently, R&D Engineer at Aptive, formerly Delphi, Pittsburgh, PA
    Chunjian Wang
    Chunjian Wang, Ph.D., Fall 2015
    Dissertation: A Laminated Ring on Elastic Foundation Model with Application to Analysis of Tire-Road Contact.
    Currently, R&D Engineer at Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).
    Satadru Dey
    Satadru Dey, Ph.D., Summer 2015
    Dissertation: Estimation and Diagnostics of Li-ion Batteries.
    Currently, Assistant Professor at Penn State University
    Adamu Yebi, Ph.D., Summer 2015
    Dissertation: Model-based Control of UV Curing Processes with Application to Additive Manufacturing
    Currently, Controls and Software Engineer at Mercedes Benz R&D North America.
    Xiaoqing Cao, Ph.D., Summer 2015
    Dissertation: Modeling and Control of Radiative Input Processes with Application to Infrared Paint Drying and Laser-aided Powder Deposition
    Currently, Controls and Software Engineer at Mercedes Benz R&D North America.
    John Adcox
    John Adcox, Ph.D., Spring 2014
    Currently, at Michelin North America R&D.
    Dissertation: Adaptive and Robust Traction/Braking Control Systems. He won the Superior Student Paper Award at the Tire Society Conference in 2011.

    Justin Sill, Ph.D., Spring 2012
    Currently, Vehicle Dynamics/Powertrain R&D Engineer at Tesla Motors (a high-end electric vehicle OEM).
    Justin's disseration is titled "Preditive Tire Force Saturation Management for Vehicle Stability Control".
    In May 2011, Justin received the Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award from the AuE Department, and the AVT Student Best Paper Award at the ASME IDETC 2012.

    Fan Zeng, Ph. D., Summer 2010
    Currently, Controls Engineer at Cummins Engine Company
    Fan was the first Ph. D. graduate of the group. His dissertation is titled" Estimation and Control of Robotic Radiation-Based Processes".

    MS Students

    Dheepakram L. Barathwaaj

    MS, Spring 2021, Started as Engineer at Kobota

    YanChen Chen

    MS, Summer 2019, Currently, Powertrain Controls Engineer at GM China

    Jay Patel

    MS, Summer 2019, Currently, Chassis Controls for Autonomous Vehicle at Ford

    Jatin Goyal

    MS, Summer 2016, Currently, Chassis Controls for Autonomous Vehicles at Ford

    Benjamin Hirche

    MS, December 2014, Currently, a Suspension Development Engineer at Ford

    Arun Venkitakrishnan

    MS, Summer 2012, Currently, a Development Engineer at IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc

    Tanawat Kongsmai

    MS, Summer 2012, Currently, an R&D engineer at Honda America

    Sisay Molla

    MS, Summer 2010, Currently, a Control Systems Application Engineer at dSPACE Inc.

    Satvik Batavia

    MS, Summer 2011, Currently, at Battery Test/Systems Engineer at Tesla Motors

    Rajat Agarwal

    MS, Summer 2011, Currently, Tire Performance Engineer at Michelin

    Prasad Divekar

    MS, Summer 2010, Currently Ph. D. Student at University of Windsor

    Robert Powell

    MS, Fall 2009, Currently, Tire Engineer at Michelin [Co-Advisor, Professor H. Law]

    Robert Fogle

    MS, Fall 2009, Currently, at Lord Corporation

    Anup Khekare

    MS, Fall 2009, Currently at Test Measurement Systems, Inc., [Co-Advisor, Professor H. Law].

    Indrasen Karogal

    MS, Fall 2008, Currently a Powertrain Controls Engineer at Volvo North America.

    Souharda Raghavendra

    MS, Summer 2008, Currently a Software/CAE Engineer at Robert Bosch, India.

    Vasily Ivanov

    Fullbright Scholar, 2010, Ph.D. Candidate at Michigan State.