The driving theme of Prof. Ayalew's research group is on modeling and control of dynamical systems with applications in energy systems, vehicle dynamics, traffic systems, automation and manufacturing. A comprehensive list of current and past sponsored research projects is given below. Downloadable links to papers from all of theses applications areas can be found from the publications tab. The following a synopsys of our current focus areas.


    I. Cooperative multi-agent/distributed perception and control for mixed vehicular traffic


    II. Interplay of vehicle dynamics and vehicular energy utilization management for unmanned on-road and off-road vehicle fleets


    III. Data-driven model-augmented approaches to vehicular energy management (learning optimal control policies from data for conventional and advanced powertrains (EV, HEV, etc)


List of Current and Past Projects

Due to sponsor confidentiality issues and the extensive diversity of topics covered in the group, only project titles are given in the following list. If interested in the details of any of these, please contact Dr. Ayalew directly. The publications section lists papers that describe some of the results from these projects.
*  Learning Shifting Policies from Data (Allison Transmission, 2021-)
*  Energy Management for Multi-scale Vehicle Fleets (US Army GVSC, ARC/VIPR Center, 2020-)
*  Commercial Vehicle Kinetic Energy Management Using Radar Information (Allison Transmission, 2018-2020)
*  Boosting Traffic Energy Efficiency via Vehicle to Vehicle Connectivty (US Department of Energy, 2017-2019)
*  Objective Phsyco-Vibratory Assessment of Vehicle Comfort (Michelin, 2016-2018)
*  Model-Based Analysis of Vehicle Drift/Pull Phenomena (Toyota, 2016-2018)
*  UV Processing of Bio-based Composites (NSF, 2015-2019)
*  Automotive Interaction Networks (Harris Corporation, 2014-2017)
*  Control of Hubmotor Driven Multi-Axle Vehicles (TARDEC-ARC, 2015-2016)
*   Analysis of the Steering and Handling Characteristics of a UTV (Michelin, 2015)
*  Heave Intrusivity During Travel Over Cleats/Rough Roads (Michelin, 2014-2016)
* Estimation and Diagnostic of Li-ion Batteries; GATE Hybrid Electirc Powertrain Integration Lab (US Department of Energy, 2011-2017).
*   CAREER: Control of Processes Actuated with Mobile Radiant Sources (NSF, 2011- 2017)
*   Braking-Induced Vibrations in TWEEL Coupled Suspension Systems (Michelin, 2012-2014)
*   Model-free Vehicle Stability Control with Extended Actuator Sets (Honda, 2013-2014)
*   Interaction of Tire Torsional Dynamics and ABS Control (Michelin, 2011-2014)
*   Fault Tolerant Control of Digital Displacement Pump/Motors ( TARDEC-ARC, 2011-2013, with Z. Filipi)
*   Electric Powertrain Simulation (E-Z-Go, 2011-2012, with P. Pisu)
*  Independent Hydrostatic Wheel Drives (TARDEC-ARC, 2008-2010) - Model-based investigation on the suitability of independent hydrostatic wheel drives for vehicle stability control.
*   Enabling the TWEEL for Passenger Cars (BMW, Michelin, 2006-2009) - New non-pneumatic tire invented by Michelin with new possibilities for expanding the design space by decoupling ride and handling constraints.
*   Compliant Link Suspension (BMW, 2006-2008) - Patent granted (US 8360452 B2) on a design that achieves light-weighting by integrating spring and kinematic guidance in certain links of a vehicle suspension.
*   Electromechanical Wedge Brakes for Reduced Energy Use in future X (brake)-by-wire systems for electrified vehicles (2010)
*   Hybrid (electric, hydraulic) Supercharging of IC Engines (turbogeneration and energy recovery) (2009)
*   Modeling and Control of Multi-Degree of Freedom Manipulator Robots (2007-2009).
*   Multi-actuator Dynamic Load Emulation: Examples include a multi-axis electrohydraulic road simulator and wind turbine drivetrain test rig. Modeling and Control of Electrohydraulic Actuation Systems (2005-2006)