ARCH Initiative

The Arch and its construction are symbolic of our curricular transformation. The desired outcome of the multifaceted research program is the creation of a low cost, scalable, replicable academic change framework grounded in complexity leadership theory.  

Our Objectives

Overarching Goal

Transform the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University to be responsive to the rapidly evolving complex challenges
of highly interconnected and interdependent infrastructure systems, and to meet the changing societal needs of the 21st century.


Explore Foundations

The solutions for today’s engineering problems require innovation embedded within societal context. Our transformation involves our
curriculum, our culture, and our community to achieve innovation, adaptability, and shared vision.
Civil engineering departments must adapt to educate a new breed of civil engineers who can:


Think beyond disciplinary boundaries,



Identify the natural interdependencies among infrastructure systems


Collaborate on heterogeneous teams to minimize the effects of threats and maximize the opportunities societies face.


Professional Development

We want to ensure our graduates are prepared to innovate and adapt as civil engineers of the 21st Century. Transforming Curriculum, Culture, and Community to Achieve Innovation, Adaptability, and Shared Vision.
Springer Courses 33%
Studio Block 66%
Keystone Project 100%

Academic Program

The Sophomore Springer courses provide opportunities to engage in Civil Engineering projects early in the program and kickstart development of technical and professional skills. Junior level Studio Block courses help students hone their design and inquiry skills.

After successfully passing of the Senior Keystone course, the scaffolding can be removed and the students’ professional formation is complete.