The Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory

Survey of Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Techniques

Plot of dipole impedance

The objective of this project was to evaluate and report on the current state of the art in computational electromagnetic (CEM) modeling and software. Tasks included:

1. Reviewing existing literature relevant to electromagnetic modeling and identifying key references. Such as good tutorial publications and technical papers that represent milestones in CEM development.

2. Query CEM developers and vendors to obtain a uniform set of data that can be used to compare modeling codes.

3. Generate a comprehensive report including a thorough and up-to-date description of the various CEM modeling techniques and available modeling software.

4. Present a summary of the report at an appropriate major international conference.

5. Design, produce and publish a web site containing information from the survey report, including a list of currently available free and commercial CEM software. A brief description of each software package and link to the vendor's web site will accompany each list entry.

Although the project has officially ended, we are continuing to maintain the database of EM modeling software and the EM modeling website.



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C. Su, H. Ke and T. Hubing, "Overview of Electromagnetic Modeling Software," Proc. of the 25th International Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Monterey, CA, March 2009.