Geology K-12 Outreach

Geology K - 12 Outreach


Welcome to the Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department's Education Outreach site. In collaboration with other science outreach programs at Clemson University, we offer a variety of professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers interested in geoscience or environmental education.  We also host a series of downloadable standards-based curriculum supplements and teaching modules, and provide links to other classroom resources of use to both formal and informal educators. 

group of geologists and students examining plant community on a rock outcropBy following the appropriate links in the left navigation menu you can sign up to take graduate courses or request teacher workshop programs for your school.  You can print out grade-specific supplemental lessons dealing with the natural and human history of South Carolina, or browse through satellite imagery, aerial photography, and various maps of the Southeastern USA.  This site also links to many outside resources that provide useful contact and content information, including the South Carolina Earth Science Teachers Association and the Environmental Education Association of South Carolina.