Our Mission

At the Clemson University Industrial Assessment Center, our mission is to provide energy assessments to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises by using best practices from IACs around the country.
An overview of the IAC was broadcast on South Carolina Business Review in January 2018. Listen to the interview to hear the description.
The Clemson IAC provides SMEs with no-cost energy assessments to identify opportunities to improve productivity, reduce waste, and save energy. Small teams of faculty and students trained in industrial energy efficiency will conduct energy assessments and create customized reports. As we provide this service, we will train the next generation of energy-savvy engineers by creating a tiered training program at Clemson and leveraging Clemson’s unique Creative Inquiry (CI) program, Clemson’s University Professional Internship and Co-op (UPIC) program, Clemson’s certificate in Renewable Energy, and Clemson’s sustainability minor.
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