Folding Wings

This is what the folded wings should look like when viewing from the front (left photo) and from the side (right photo). This position ensures minimal damage to the individual during shipping.

To get to this point, freeze and thaw the individual. When ready to pack, carefully touch the wings and move them upwards and put the moth - body first - in the envelope.

NSF #2042937 Comparative Biomechanics of Hawk Moths with Minute to Giant Proboscises and Diverse Feeding Habits

Among the most popular insects are the hawk moths, well known for their remarkably long proboscises and ability to feed from flowers with extraordinarily long nectar tubes containing nectar of variable viscosity, from watery to sticky. To understand the wide-ranging abilities of these moths to acquire fluid from long and short nectar tubes, a diverse team of researchers will investigate the structure, function, and biomechanics of the proboscis and its associated sucking pump. The team will focus on how wettability of the proboscis and it ability to take up fluid enable the many species of hawk moths to feed on a wide range of liquid resources and from flowers with different nectar-tube lengths. VIEW PROJECT DETAILS >>