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Welcome to the website of Dr. Kornev's research group

Fibrous materials constitute the basis of all living systems including plant cell walls, arthropod cuticle, moth cocoon, eye cornea, tissue, and bone. They form the matrix or reinforcing elements in composites, or represent the material itself like textile fabric or paper sheet. The fiber diameter in natural or artificial materials spans many orders of magnitude, from a few molecular diameters in plant cell walls, to hundred microns in textiles. Liquid-solid interactions in these materials are unique and poorly understood. The future breakthroughs in biology will come with implementation of nanoscience and technology, allowing different scales to be bridged and the molecular arrangement and evolution of materials and organisms to be understood. Reciprocally, knowledge of natural materials in biological systems will push progress forward in engineering. Interactions at the interface between fluids and solids, between living organisms and the environment, and between different disciplines present intriguing problems that consolidate all natural and engineering sciences.

Laboratory of Micro and Nanofluidic Systems is working on fundamental problems of interactions of liquids with fiber-based materials at the interface between biology, physics, chemistry, and materials science.