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Tiny butterfly proboscis inspires big ideas - Science Nation

The nanorod rotation during HEMA photopolymerization in magnetic field rotating at 0.5 Hz frequency

Microfluidic probe as powerful as butterfly proboscis

Mimicking the Nature:Fiber based microprobe(1st Place in "Science as Art 2009" competition)

Giving birth to a droplet by popping up water filled balloon(2nd Place in "Science as Art 2009" competition)

The movie shows X-Ray phase-contrast imaging of a drop of IsovueŽ on the proboscis of a monarch butterfly. Multiple liquid bridges form in the food canal as a result of capillary action and Plateau instability, and are then transported to the head (to the right). This research was published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface in the paper: 'Butterfly proboscis: combining a drinking straw with a nanosponge facilitated diversification of feeding habits'