July 2021

Raleigh Wunderlich, Janelle Arnold, and Usmaan Al-Shehab are presenting their work at 8th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium



Congratulations to all co-authors on our recent collaborative publication: X. Wang, J. Bowman, S. Tu, D. Nykypanchuk, O. Kuksenok, and S. Minko "Polyethylene Glycol Crowder’s Effect on Enzyme Aggregation, Thermal Stability, and Residual Catalytic Activity", Langmuir (2021)

Dr Olga Kuksenok is now an Editorial Board Member of Communications Physics (Nature Research Group)

May 2021

Welcome to the undergraduate students joining our lab in Summer 2021:


Left to right: Raleigh Wunderlich and Janelle Arnold (Advanced Material Sciences REU), Usmaan Al-Shehab (Biophysics REU), Devanshu Thakar (Internship IIT Gandhinagar)

April 2021

Congratulations to Eric Miller on winning the Third Place Poster Award at the Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Symposium at the 2021 Spring National American Chemical Society meeting: The award is sponsored by the POLY/PMSE MACRO committee.

Poster: Miller, E., Palkar, V., Kuksenok, O., Mesoscale modeling of nanogel degradation: effect of crosslink density and particle size

Congratulations to Yao Xiong on his recent publication:

Xiong, Y., Kuksenok, O. "Mechanical Adaptability of Patterns in Constrained Hydrogel Membranes", Langmuir (2021)

December 2020

Congratulations to Eric Miller on winning Best Poster Award at 2020 Fall MRS Meeting

Poster: Miller, E., Palkar, V., Kuksenok, O., Mesoscale Modeling of Controlled Erosion of Tetra-Arm Polyethylene Glycol Based Nanogels 2020 Virtual MRS Meeting.

Congratulations to Chandan Choudhury on his recent publication:

Choudhury, C. K., Kuksenok, O. "Native-Based Dissipative Particle Dynamics Approach for α-Helical Folding", Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2020)

June 2020

Congratulations to Vaibhav Palkar on winning Jasani Family Textile Scholarship!

May 2020

Virtual group meetings. Welcome Eric Miller!

December 2019

MRS Fall 2019


October 2019

Hiking trip with Prof. Pratyush Dayal form IIT Gandhinagar

August 2019

Congratulations to Vaibhav Palkar for winning the best poster award (1st place) at the sixth LAMMPS Workshop and Symposium organized by LAMMPS development team at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM (Aug 2019).

On the photo from left to right: Matthew Lane, workshop organizer, Vaibhav Palkar, and Steve Plimpton, LAMMPS Lead Developer.

July 2019

7th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium; Biophysics REU, Collaboration with Prof. Josh Alper (Physics Department)


(left) Kaila Craig, Vaibhav Palkar;
(right) Kaila Craig, Mitch Woodhouse

Advanced Materials Summer Program

Michaela Giltner and Sidong Tu


August 2018

Congratulations to Oksana Savchak!