Dr. Latour's Biomolecular Interactions Lab

Welcome to the Biomolecular Interactions Lab

Platelet.AdhesionThe Biomolecular Interactions Lab is located in 510/512 Rhodes Research Center and is deisgned for experimental work with a wet lab space of 800 sq. ft. fully equipped with work benches, sinks, refrigerator/freezer, and fume-hoods. This lab is exclusively dedicated to studies on quantitative measurement of molecular-level aspects related to the orientation, conformation, and bioactivity of adsorbed peptides and proteins to surfaces as a function of surface chemistry. Our experimental studies are specifically designed and coordinated to support the development of computational chemistry methods by the Biomolecular Modeling Lab to accurately simulate the protein adsorption behavior.

The central components of this lab are a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy instrument (Biacore X, Biacore, Inc.) for adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics studies, a Reichert AR700 temperature controlled automatic refractometer (precision refractive index measurement for SPR bulk shift subtraction), a JASCO J-810 circular dichroism spectropolarimeter with Peltier temperature control for protein secondary structure analysis, a variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer (GES5, SOPRA Inc.) for SAM surface and protein adsorption characterization, a computerized contact angle instrument and image analysis system (CAM 200 instrument, KSV Instruments Ltd.) for surface characterization, a spin coater (MTI corporation) and a Carver Model C lab hot press (Carver, Inc.) for fabricating polymeric films of nanometeric thicknesses.