Recurring external funding opportunities for STEM students.

This database contains a listing of reoccurring external funding opportunities for STEM students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is not a definitive listing of opportunities, and other funding opportunities and programs may also be used to support your academic studies or research at Clemson University. For more information about funding opportunities internal to Clemson University please visit the Graduate School’s webpage.

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Additional Support

This database is a collaboration between The College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences and the College of Science at Clemson University. Current Clemson University students interested in applying for external funding are encourage to: 1) speak with your advisor, 2) attend writing workshops or workshops tailored for specific funding programs, 3) identify a peer or advisor to assist with editing and preparing your application or proposal.

Notify us of your intent to apply for external funding and we can connect you with additional resources for your personal goals. Contact us for additional support and resources.