Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: Closed

Instructions to submit your abstract:

1. Please create a PDF file in the following format:

File Name –┬áLast Name (one word)-Topic code (see below).pdf
(Example: Ballato-DEV5.pdf)
Title – Times New Roman (font size 14, bold and centered).
skip one line (font size 12, single spaced)
Authors – Times New Roman (font size 12, centered and single spaced)
Institutions –┬áTimes New Roman (font size 12, centered and single spaced)
skip two lines (font size 12, single spaced)
Abstract Text – Times New Roman (font size 12, justified on both right and left, single spaced) Maximum of 1500 characters including spaces; no figures; include acknowledgement as part of text, if needed.

See an example PDF

2. Please, select one topic for your presentation:

Theory and Fundamentals:

  • Fundamental photoluminescence properties & spectroscopic measurements – code T&F1
  • Modeling, first-principles calculations, etc. – code T&F2

Rare Earth Doped or Rare Earth Based Materials:

  • Single Crystals – code MAT1
  • Glasses, Amorphous Materials and Glass Ceramics – code MAT2
  • Transparent Ceramics – code MAT3
  • Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites – code MAT4
  • Scintillators – code MAT5
  • Phosphors – code MAT6

Rare Earth Based Photonic Devices:

  • Optical Amplifiers for Telecommunication – code DEV1
  • Fiber Lasers and Micro-Chip Lasers – code DEV2
  • Phosphors: for X-rays, UV, Solid-State Lighting, Displays, and Imaging – code DEV3
  • Wavelength Converters for Efficient Photovoltaic Systems – code DEV4
  • Rare Earth-Doped Photonic Crystals and Microstructured Fibers – code DEV5

3. Send your submission by email with PDF attached.

  • Email address: pre16@clemson.edu
  • Subject line: Pre16 Abstract Submission: Last name (one word) – Topic code (Example: Pre16 Abstract Submission: Jacobsohn – MAT5)

Thank you for your interest. We will contact you soon about accepted submissions.