Professional Service


  • Fellow, IEEE,2020.
  • Fellow of Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA), 2021.
  • Member IEEE PES – Power System Analysis Computation and Economics (PSACE) Committee; Past Chair, Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee.
  • Past Chair IEEE PES – Power and Energy Education Committee; Past Chair, Lifelong Learning Subcommittee.
  • Member of the Power System Relaying and Control Committee (PSRCC) and member of the following Working Groups PSRCC:


  1. Working Group C6 – Relay Engineering in Power Engineering Curricula – IEEE Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC), “The Education and Training of Future Protection Engineers: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions”, IEEE Trans. Power Delivery, Vol. 24-2, pp. 538 – 544, April 2009.
  2. Performance of Relaying During Stressed Conditions – IEEE PSRC Report. Available online:
  3. Understanding Microprocessor-Based Technology Applied to Relaying – IEEE PSRC Report. Available online:
  4. Use of Time Synchronized Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications – IEEE PSRC Report. Available online: of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications_final.pdf – Best WG award, PSRC, 2015.
  5. Revision of C37.99 – IEEE Guide for the protection of Shunt Capacitor Banks.
  6. Communications Technology for Protection Systems – IEEE PSRC Report. Available online: PSRC Subcommittee H9 Understanding Comm Tech for Protection -20130113 D8F.pdf
  7. Fault Current Contribution from Wind Plants – IEEE PSRC/Machinery/T&D Committees Report. Available online:  Current Contributions from Wind Plants.pdf – Best WG award, PSRC, 2016.
  8. Anomaly Checks for Relay Settings – IEEE PSRC Report. Available online:
  9. Working Group K15 – Centralized Substation Protection and Control. Available online:
  10. Working Group D26 – Revision of C37.114 Fault Location Guide.
  11. Working Group C2 – The Role of Protective Relaying in Smart Grid.
  12. Working Group C30 – Microgrid Protection Systems.
  13. Working Group D9 – Revision of IEEE C37.113 – Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Transmission Lines – IEEE Guide.
  14. Working Group J5 – Application of Out-of-Step Protection Schemes for Generators.
  15. Working C24 – Modification of Commercial Fault Calculation Programs for Wind Turbine Generators – I chaired this WG.
  16. Working Group C32 – Protection Practices for Interconnecting Solar or Other Inverter Based Generation to Utility Transmission Systems.
  17. Working Group C25 – Protection of Wind Electric Plants.


  1. Working Group C38: P2030.12 – IEEE Guide for the Design of Microgrid Protection Systems.
  2. Working Group D39 – C37.104 – IEEE Guide for Automatic Reclosing on AC Distribution and Transmission Lines.
  3. Working Group C43 – Practical   Applications   of Artificial Intelligence   and Machine Learning in Power  System  Protection and Control.
  4. Working Group C44 – Prepare a paper on Short Circuit Models of Wind Turbine Generators. I chair this WG.
  • Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.
  • Guest Editor in Chief, EEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Special Issue on Frontiers of Power System protection, 2015.
  • Guest Editor for Special Issue on Innovative Research Concepts for Power Delivery Engineering from IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery – 2016-17.
  • Reviewer for major IEEE journals.
  • Reviewer for National Science Foundation – peer review of grant proposals.