Choose your journey to make the most of your Clemson Experience. 

Your experience at Clemson is unique to you – this is your time to choose how you will shape your future.

You are a change-maker who will solve the world’s most challenging problems – choose your own journey and be intentional in developing yourself and the relationships that will carry you into tomorrow. As you begin the new academic year, here are recommendations for success and pieces of advice from current students in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

Build Community

Tips and Recommendations from Current Students

Achieving your goals requires intentionality and connecting with the right people and resources. Developing relationships with faculty, staff, and your peers will be critical to your success at Clemson. Upper-level students shared how they have built and strengthened these relationships and made the most of engagement opportunities that have enhanced their personal and professional network.

This is the time to explore who you are and how you want to make a difference in the world. You’ll get out of your college experience what you put in to it. Now is the time to develop life-long habits, learn to grow and reflect, and practice being disciplined.

The college has a variety of organizations you can join, including departmental honor societies and advisory boards. We encourage you to attend Tiger Prowl to see what groups fit your interests. Joining an organization allows you to build genuine relationships that can lead to strong personal and professional connections.

Faculty, staff, and student mentors are here to provide you with support. Take advantage of study sessions with PEER / WISE, RISE, or UTA’s. The Academic Success Center also offers a variety of resources for students.

Relationships you build with your classmates will be invaluable. These are individuals that you will continue to work with as you move into your upper-level courses. Take opportunities to learn from each other.

Connecting with faculty members will be integral to achieving your goals at Clemson. Utilize office hours (in-person or virtually) to get to know them.

BONUS: Make it a priority to stay engaged, even in the virtual environment. It is important you remain motivated, stay organized, maintain a daily routine, and set aside time specifically for studying and homework. Most of all take care of yourself! 

Explore Career, Research, and Global Engagement Opportunities

Tips and Recommendations from Current Students

It is never too early to make personal and professional connections that will help you reach your career goals. Taking advantage of research and engagement opportunities will set you apart from others. You don’t want to leave Clemson and think “what if…”

It’s okay if the first opportunity you explore isn’t what you anticipated. Learning happens through these experiences, no matter the outcome. Try multiple projects, working in a lab, doing research in a community-based setting, or joining a Creative Inquiry team. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you won’t know what you’re missing.

Approaching faculty to discuss research topics can be intimidating. Don’t let that stop you because faculty members are eager to share what research they are conducting and how you can get involved. Discover a topic that interests you, get involved in the research process by joining a Creative Inquiry team, signing up for an independent study, or participating in a summer research program.

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers helpful programs and services to students—like Co-Op, Internships, and UPIC—with the ultimate goal of connecting students with professionals in industry. The Career Center provides resume reviews, mock interviews, and career counseling. You can also able to attend the Career Fair to network with potential employers—this goes for first-year students also.

There are several ways to include an international dimension into your undergraduate experience and it’s never too early to begin the planning process. Study abroad, international internships and co-op rotations, international undergraduate research, and service-learning abroad are all ways to gain valuable experience.

Explore Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Opportunities

Tips and Recommendations from Current Students

Identify your leadership style and how you want to change the world. Being a strong leader is about self-discovery, leveraging your talents and strengths, and serving others.

Discovering your why is essential to living a meaningful life. Identifying how your specific talents and values intersect with the needs of others will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Failure is part of the learning process and all great entrepreneurs will tell you things often don’t work on the first try. Great things come with patience and perseverance.

Clemson alumni say the secret to finding a great job is knowing great people. The Clemson Family is international; don’t be afraid to reach out and make a new connection.

Graduating with an engineering, computing, or geology degree is about more than just having a strong technical skillset. Employers are looking for graduates who have the ability to think creatively, manage projects effectively, and lead teams. These skills are not developed overnight—it takes time, and that’s why you’re here.