Research Expertise
Water security
Extremes: Drought, Flood and Precipitation Extremes
Climate change impact assessment: Water resources & Infrastructure
Hydroclimatic Modelling and Forecasting
Hydrometric network design
Stochastic Hydrology
Water-Food-Energy- Climate Nexus

Research Projects

  • “Severe Drought and Historical Extreme Flood (October 1-4, 2015) Regime in South Carolina: Assessment of the Water Quality Situation”,  Role: PI,  Agency: NSF
  • “Towards a Near Real-time Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Forecasting”,  Role: PI,  Agency: USDA
  • “Effect of Climate and Land Use Change on Water Availability for the Savannah River Basin”,  Role: PI, Agency: USDI
  • “Adaptability Toolkit for South Carolina’s Coastal Water Infrastructures”, Role: Co-PI, Agency: SC Sea Grant Consortium
  • “Surface and Groundwater resources assessment for Iraq “,  Role: Student adviser, Agency: Iraqi Government.

Past Research Projects:

  • “Hydrological Drought Characterization for Texas under Climate Change, with Implications for Water Resources Planning and Management” , Role: Co-PI, Agency: USGS
  • ” Bio-energy potential in the western USA”, Role: Senior Personnel, Agency: DOE
  • “Hydrometric network evaluation for Canadian Watersheds”, Role: Senior Personnel, Agency: Environment Canada

Acknowledgement: USDA,    NSF,     USDI,   Greenville Water,   SC Sea grant Consortium