John R. Saylor
John R. Saylor, Ph.D.

Clemson University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Clemson, SC 29634-0921
Phone: (864) 656-5621
Fax: (864) 656-4435

E-Mail: jsaylor "at" clemson "dot" edu

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- Clemson University Science as Art Competition won by Steven Fredericks (2015)
- APS/DFD Conference video (2013) "Star Drop Oscillations"
- Coverage of our ultrasonics work: The Huffington Post, The New Scientist, Yahoo News (visualizations by W. Ran and S. Fredericks).
- Movies of Mesler entrainment (Garrett Bounds).

John Saylor
- Ph.D. Yale University (1993)
- M.Phil. Yale University (1993)
- M.S. University of Minnesota (1989)
- B.S. SUNY Buffalo (1986)
Dr. Saylor does research in the area of interfacial hydrodynamics and transport, focusing on air/water interfaces and surfactants. His research has been funded by NSF, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Savannah River National Laboratory, NIOSH, and USGS (through the SC Water Resources Center).
Dr. Saylor has taught Foundations of Fluid and Thermal Systems (ME 203), Heat Transfer (ME 304), Thermodynamics (ME 303), and Convective Heat Transfer (ME 831). See the Teaching link for more details.

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