Research Team Members

The Mechatronics Research Team has had outstanding students (undergraduate, graduate) who have contributed their time, energies, and talents in the pursuit of noble ideas. These thoughts and innovations have resulted in wonderful contributions to the field of Dynamics & Controls with application to automotive, energy, and mechatronic systems. Over the years, the team’s alumni have accepted jobs with global organizations and institutions including Caterpillar, Clemson University Restoration Institute, Department of Energy, Florida Institute of Technology, Eaton, Ford, General Electric, Greenville Technical College, Hendrick Motorsports, Honda, Kimberly Clark, MathWorks, Mercer Engineering Research Center, Michelin, Siemens, TRW, University of South Carolina, …

Current Graduate Advising – Ph.D. Students:

Fu, S., (PhD ME), “Nonlinear Control and Dynamic System Analysis of UAVs”.

Giguere, P., (PhD ME), “Driveline Dynamics of Wind Turbine Systems”.

Huang, J., (PhD ME), “Advanced Thermal Management System Design Using Heat Pipes and Composite Fibers for Transportation”.

Syed, Z., (PhD ME), “Innovative Heat Exchanger Design – Modeling and Control”.

Shoai Naini, S., (PhD ME), co-advisor, “Smart Thermal Bus Design – Modeling and Test”.

Wang, C., (PhD ME), “Haptic Interface for Reconfigurable Ground Vehicle Steering with Human Subject Assessment Using Laboratory Simulator”.

Manning, J., (PhD ME), “Design and Control Methods for Electro-Mechanical Hand Held Tools”.

Current Graduate Advising – Masters Students:

Ganesh, S., (MS ME), “Mechanical Driveline for Electric Power Generation Using Atmospheric Variations”.

McGaughy, M., (MS ME), “ThermoAcoustic Generator Design, Fabrication, and Test to Validate Mathematical Model”.

George, A., (MS ME), “Energy Harvesting Systems”.

McKenzie, C., (MS ME), “Removal of Diesel Particulate Matter Using For Generation”.

Ward, T., (MS ME), “Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Tools – Education and Research Approaches”.

PhD (ME and ECE) Graduates:

Wang, T., (PhD ME), “Investigation of Advanced Engine Cooling Systems – Optimization and Nonlinear Control”, May 2016.

Tao, X., (PhD ME), “Design, Modeling and Control of a Thermal Management System for Hybrid Electric Vehicles”, May 2016.

Freeman, P., (PhD ME), “Road Runoff and Recovery – Nonlinear Control and Laboratory Test with Human Subjects”, December 2014.

Finn, J., (PhD ME), “Thermoelectric Devices – Modeling and Real-Time Control for Targeted Cooling with Power Minimization”, May 2013.

Schkoda, R., (PhD ME), “Clustering and Classification of Multivariate Stochastic Time Series in the Time and Frequency Domains”, May 2012.

Jensen, M., (PhD ME), “A Methodology for the Analysis of In-Vehicle Operating Data and Design of Intelligent Vehicle Systems for Improved Automotive Safety”, May 2011.

Black, J., (PhD ME), “Vehicle Steering Systems – Hardware in the Loop Simulator, Driving Preferences and Vehicle Intervention”, May 2010.

Iyasere, E., (PhD ECE, Co-Advisor), “A Lyapunov based Approach to Energy Maximization in Renewable Energy Technologies”, May 2010.

Bassily, H., (PhD ME), “A Comparative Fault Diagnosis Methodology Based on Time Series Analysis of System’s Signals”, December 2007.

Setlur, P., (PhD ECE, Co-Advisor), “Nonlinear Control of Automotive Mechatronic Systems”, December 2003.

MSME Graduates:

Janardhana, S., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2016.

Yadav, Y. K., (MS ME), “A Savonius Wind Turbine with Electric Generator: Model and Test”, August 2016.

Shoai Naini, S., (MSME), co-advisor, “Experimental Investigation of Heat Leakage and Air Leakage in Domestic Refrigerators”, December 2015.

Gonzalez, J. C. R., (MSME), non-thesis, December 2015.

Ali, G., (MS ME), “Design, Analysis and Implementation of an Experimental System to Harvest Energy from Atmospheric Variations Using Ethyl Chloride Filled Bellows”, December 2014.

She, X. (James), (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2014.

Musunuru, S., (MS ME), non-thesis, May 2014.

Fu, C., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2013.

Zellmer, T., (MS ME), “Development of Stationary and Mobile Tailgating Detection Solutions for Ground Vehicles”, August 2013.

Yao, Q., (MS ME), “Development and Field Testing of a Virtual Driving Simulation with Embedded Automotive Safety Training Features”, December 2012.

Oliver, B., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2012.

Patel, S., (MS ME), “Alternative Energy Sources – Integration of Power Generation Systems into a Microgrid at Clemson University and an Atmospheric Thermodynamic Driven Mechanical Clock”, December 2013.

Yan, J., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2012.

Samant, S., (MS ME), non-thesis, August 2012.

Austin, K., (MS ME), “Power Generation snf Control of Mechatronics Systems – Theory and Test”, May 2012.

Patil, R., (MS ME), “Mechatronic System Design – A Hydraulic-based Engine Cooling System Design and Refinement of a Technical Elective Mechatronics Course, May 2012.

Clark, L., (MS ME), “Evaluation of Automotive Safety using In-Vehicle Instrumentation with Accompanying Driving Simulation Human Subject Studies”, May 2012.

Wiggins, G., (MS ME), “Evaluation of Biomass and Coal Briquettes for a Spreader Stoker Boiler Using an Experimental Furnace – Modeling and Test”, May 2011.

Jagarwal, A., (MS ME), “Advanced Automotive Thermal Management – Operation of An Electric Radiator Fan Array for Reduced Electric Power Consumption”, December 2010.

Norfleet, D., (MS ME), “Improved Automotive Safety Through Instructional Modules and Automotive Driving Simulator Based Skills Training with Assessment”, December 2009.

Turner, T., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2009.

Brown, T., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2008.

Frick, P., (MS ME), “A Hydraulic Actuated Thermal Management System for Large Displacement Engine Cooling Systems”, August 2007.

Mitchell, T., (MS ME), “Advanced Thermal Management for Internal Combustion Engines”, August 2007.

Mills, V., (MS ME), non-thesis, August 2007.

Sekhon, R., (MS ME), “Experimental Testing of a Stationary Gas Turbine Diagnostic System – Verification and Validation”, May 2007.

Rhoads, M., (MS ME), non-thesis, December 2006.

Chastain, J., (MS ME), “Internal Combustion Engine Cooling Strategies: Theory and Test”, December 2006.

Simoson, C., (MS ME), “Emission Reduction in Small Displacement Diesel Engines Using Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation”, December 2006.

Mandhata, U., (MS ME), “Investigation of Operator Feedback in Human-Vehicle Haptic Interfaces for Steer-by-Wire Transportation Systems”, December 2005.

Ancha, S., (MS ME), “Development of Distributed Four Wheel Steer-by-Wire Systems in Medium Duty Hybrid Vehicles”, May 2005.

Eberth, J., (MS ME), “Smart Thermostat Management Systems for Internal Combustion Engines”, August 2004.

Ganta, S., (MS ME), “A Global Power Flow Diagnostic Framework for Multi-Domain Transportation Systems with Application to Drive-by-Wire Vehicles”, August 2004.

Cimba, D., (MS ME), “Design, Control, and Experimental Validation of a Roll Minimization System for Sport Utility Vehicles”, May 2004.

Samuels, B., (MS ME), “Modeling and Design of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) for Medium Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications”, May 2002.

Zeyu, L., (MS ME), “Nonlinear Model Reduction Strategies with Application to Model-based Internal Combustion Spark Ignition Engine Control Algorithms”, December 2001.

Conatser, R., (MS ME), “Diagnosis of Automotive Electronic Throttle Control System Faults”, August 2001.

Paradis, I., (MS ME), “Thermal Modeling of Automotive Engine Components for Temperature Prediction and Fluid Flow Regulation”, May 2001.

Liu, X., (MS ME), “Design, Analysis, and Control of a Vehicle Vibration Isolation Seating System”, May 2000.

ME 415/415H Undergraduate Research Reports:

Stevens, A., “Energy Recovery from Diesel Engine Exhaust Waste Heat Using Thermoelectric Power Generation”, Honors Thesis, February 2016.

Rahman, B., “Energy Efficient Refrigeration – Improvement of Thermoelectric Units through Mathematical Modeling, Advanced Control, and Experimental Testing”, Honors Thesis, May 2014.

Zellmer, T., “Development of a Portable Driving Performance Analysis System”, Honors Thesis, May 2012.

Finn, J., “Combined Cycle Electric Power Generation – Operation, Data Acquisition, and System Health Monitoring”, Honors Thesis, December 2007.

Cash, T., “Human/Machine Interface – Design of Audio and Visual Feedback for Vehicle Control”, December 2006.

Ehlert, D., “A Multi-Fuel Two Stroke 230cc Engine – Electronics and Testing”, December 2003.

Lukens, P., “Diagnostic Strategies for Multi-Domain Dynamic Systems”, co-advisor with Dr. Leo Gaddis, May 2003.

Noble, D., “Design of Automotive Thermal Systems Using Multiple Loops”, Honors Thesis, (May 2003. Research accomplishments received the Clemson University’s Department of  Mechanical Engineering Excellence in Engineering Award, April 2004.

Gilbert, K., “Light-Duty Vehicle Roll Control – Modeling and Analysis”, December 2002.

Black, T., “Automotive Thermal System Testing and Analysis”, December 2002.

Powers, L., “Emissions Testing of a 215cc Multi-Fuel Two Stroke International Combustion Engine”, May 2002.

Craps, J., “Ford 4.6L Engine Thermal Management System Testing”, May 2002.

Reeves, I., “Experimental Study of Model-Free Fuel and Spark Control in an Utility Engine for Hybrid Vehicle Applications”, December 2001.

Norris, M., “Investigation of Engine Valve Dynamics and Experimental Testing of a Four Stroke Internal Combustion Spark Ignition Engine”, May 2001.

Clayton, D., “Fourier Series Neural Network Modeling of a Automobile Power Steering Systems”, Honors Thesis, December 2000.

Leeds, E., “Emission Testing and Rapid Prototyping for Internal Combustion Spark Ignition Engines”, December 2000.

Whitehead, S., “Dynamic Analysis of a Light-duty Vehicle Undergoing Longitudinal, Lateral, and Yaw Motion with Relative Cargo Displacement”, December 2000.

Osborn, C., “Effect of Fuel and Spark on Utility Engine Performance and Emissions”, December 2000.

Schubert, M., “Hydraulic Systems- Modeling and Experimental Testing”, December 2000.

McCall, N., “Modeling of Antilock Brake Systems Using SABER and Bond Graphs”, May 2000.

Mills, V., “Modeling and Analysis of Antilock Braking Systems with Load Shifting”, Honors Thesis, May 2000.

Nichols, R., “Thermal Modeling and Experimental Testing of a Spark Ignition Utility Engine”, December 1999.

Samuels, B., “Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Injector Modeling”, December 1999.

Chand, A., “Mechatronic Software Tools and Proportional Solenoid Valve Modeling”, May 1999.

Cheek, W., “Gasoline Direct Injection: An Advanced Fuel Delivery System for Spark Ignition Engines”, May 1999.

Martin, T., “Fabrication and Control of a Ball and Beam System with Anomalies”, May 1999.

Zeigler, J., “Utility Engine Upgrade Using an Engine Control Unit”, May 1999.

Cheek, W., “Small Engine Testing on SuperFlow 901 Dynamometer”, February 1999.

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) and Other Advising:

Stellwagen, J., Clemson University, DOE funded project, August 2004-May 2005.

Parker, R., Clemson University, Honda funded project, August 2003-December 2004.

Lukens, P., Clemson University, DOE funded project, August 2003-May 2004.

Simoson, C., King College, Bristol, TN, REU, June-August 2002.

Sobolewski, P., University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana, REU, June-August 2002.

Riek, T., exchange student from Trier University at Birkenfeld, Germany, August-December 2001.

Nicolosi, J., State University of New York at Binghamton, NY, REU, May-July 2001.

Warken, M., exchange student from Trier University at Birkenfeld, Germany, August-December 2000.

Norris, J., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, VA, REU, May-August 2000.

Nash, J., University of South Carolina, SC, REU, May-July 1999.