Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator:
Professor Lonny Thompson

Students graduating from our group have the following attributes1:

  1. World-class knowledge in finite element methods and analysis.
  2. Ability to develop world-class knowledge in computational mechanics and engineering.
  3. Curiosity and understanding how specialized knowledge aligns with the larger context of understanding.
  4. Leadership, as reflected in breadth of knowledge and ability to articulate ideas, confidence, poise, and focus.
  5. Ability to define and solve problems.
  6. A thinker, a strategist.

1Adapted from Akay, Adnan. 2008. A renaissance in engineering PhD education. European Journal of Engineering Education. 33(4):403-413.

Student Awards

  1. Graham Yennie, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (2012).
  2. W. Rutherford, Awarded Best Student Paper,  28th Tire Society Conference (2009).
  3. P. Kunthong, Finalist, 16th Annual Robert J. Melosh Medal Competition for the best student paper on Finite Element Analysis (2004).
  4. S. Subrarayal, Faculty Fellow, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, (2003).
  5. S. Sankar, Hoeschst-Celanese Award for Outstanding M.S. Student, (2000).
  6. R. Huan, Hoeschst-Celanese Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Student, (1999).

Ph.D. Graduates

  1. Sai Kosaraju (PhD), Aug 2021
  2. Marcus Yoder (PhD), ‘Size Effects in Periodic Lattice Structured Cellular Materials,’ (May 2019) [Link]
  3. Jixuan Gong (PhD); Co-Advised with Dr. Gang Li.
  4. Nataraj Chandrasekharan, (Ph.D.), ‘Electromechanical Modeling of a Honeycomb Core Integrated Vibration Energy Converter with Increased Specific Power for Energy Harvesting Applications.’ PhD  Dissertation, Clemson University,   [Link] (Dec 2015).
  5. Kunthong, Prapot (PhD), Research Advisor, Co-Advised with S. Anand “Efficient Predictor/Multi-Corrector Algorithms Based on High-Order Accurate Time-Discontinuous Methods for Second-Order Hyperbolic Systems”, (May 2005).
  6. Subbarayalu, Sethuramalingam (PhD), “hp-Adaptive Time-Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Second-Order Hyperbolic Systems,” (December 2004).
  7. Ianculescu, Cristian. (PhD), “Iterative Solution of Exterior Helmholtz Equation with Exact Non-reflecting Boundary Conditions on Distributed Memory Systems,” (August 2003).
  8. He, Dantong. (PhD), “Local Space-Time Adaptive Finite Element Methods for the Wave Equation on Unbounded Domains,” (May 2003).
  9. Huan, Runnong. (PhD), “Finite Element Formulation of Exact and Asymptotic Radiation Boundary Conditions,” (August 1999).

 Undergraduate Research Advising

  1. Daniel Neal (2014)
  2. Christopher West (2014)
  3. Jake Hawkins (Dec 2012)
  4. Graham Yennie (Dec 2012)
  5. Lauren Bruneau (May 2012)
  6. Pieter De Pape (May 2010)
  7. Haitham Barakat (Dec 2009)
  8. Jordan Long (Dec 2009)
  9. Cody Winchester Bailey (Dec 2007)
  10. Christian Schott (Feb 2003)
  11. Patricia Dean (Aug 2001)
  12. Holger Hennchen (Dec 2000)
  13. F. Echegaray (Aug 1998)
  14. J. Brooks (Aug 1995)
  15. S. Brasier (May 1996)

 Masters Graduates

  1. Mahendra Bisht (MS), (Dec 2021).
  2. Likitha Marneni (MS), `Comparison of Unit Cell Geometry for Bloch Wave Analysis of Two-Dimensional Periodic Beam Structures.’  (May 2018).
  3. David Bracho (MS) `Consistent Asymptotic Homogenization Method for Lattice Structures based on the Virtual Power Principle,’ (Dec 2016)
  4. Hunter Pelham (MS) ‘Computational Modelling in the Development of Novel Passive Strain Sensors for Orthopedic Implants,’ (May 2016)
  5. Ankit Kumar (MS), ‘Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Acoustic Wavelength to Hierarchical Side Length And Facet Area for Elastic Scattering from Polygonal Rings and Geodesic Spheres,’ (Dec 2015)
  6. Arun Mor (MS) ‘Acoustic Scattering Response of Hierarchic Honeycomb Structures for Cylindrical and Spherical Structures.’  MS Thesis, Clemson University. [Link] (July 2015)
  7. Ninad Gandhi (MS) ‘Finite Element Analysis of Effective Mechanical Properties of Hierarchical Honeycomb Structures.’ MS Thesis, Clemson University,  [Link] (July 2015)
  8. Naveen Nainar (MS), ‘Acoustic Performance of Reiterated Hierarchical Honeycomb Structures.’ MS Thesis, Clemson University. [Link] (July 2015)
  9. Akhilesh Surabhi (MS) ‘Finite element beam model for piezoelectric energy harvesting using higher order shear deformation theory.’ MS Thesis, Clemson University, [Link] (Aug 2014)
  10. Vaibhav Iyer (MS) ‘Acoustic Scattering and Radiation Response of Circular Hexagonal and Auxetic Honeycomb Shell Structures.’ MS Thesis. [Link] (Aug 2014)
  11. Amit Bendigeri (Aug 2014)
  12. Hrishikesh Joshi, (MS) ‘Finite Element Analysis of Effective Mechanical Properties, Vibration and Acoustic Performance of Auxetic Chiral Core Sandwich Structures.’ MS Thesis, Clemson University,  [Link] (Dec 2013)
  13. Jasmin Adeshara (Dec 2013) ‘Design Optimization of Geometrical Parameters and Material Properties of Vibrating Bimorph Cantilever Beams with Solid and Honeycomb Substrates for Maximum Energy Harvested.’ MS Thesis, Clemson University,  [Link].
  14. Daniel Neal (Dec 2014), ‘Development of finite element formulation for coupled electro-mechanical systems.’
  15. Christopher West (Dec 2014), ‘Aeroacoustics and Design of Fan Blades for Baldor Electric Motor,’
  16. Xin Wang, ‘Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Sound Transmission Performance of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures,’ MS Thesis, Clemson University, May 2013.
  17. Jiaxue Yan, ‘Vibration and Acoustic Properties of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures Subject to Variable Incident Plane-Wave Angle Pressure Loads,’ MS Thesis, Clemson University, May 2013.
  18. He Lei, (December 2012), ‘Composite Sandwich Structures with Honeycomb Core Subjected to Impact,’ MS Thesis, Clemson University, Dec 2013
  19. Rohan Galgalikar, (Aug 2012), ‘Design Automation And Optimization Of Honeycomb Structures For Maximum Sound Transmission Loss’, MS Thesis, Clemson University, [Link]
  20. Nataraj Chandrasekharan, (May 2012), ‘Effect Of Geometrical And Material Properties On Energy Harvested From A Bimorph Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam And Energy Harvested Utilizing Honeycomb Structures.’
  21. Vijay Jayaraman (May 2012)
  22. Vineeth Jampala (December 2011)
  23. Veeramurthy, Mallikarjun (August 2011), ‘Modeling, finite element analysis, and optimization of Non-Pneumatic Tire (NPT) for the minimization of rolling resistance,’ MS Thesis, Clemson University, [Link]
  24. Seera, Nikhil Kumar (August 2011), ‘Viscoelastic Damping of Hexagonal Honeycomb Sandwich Plates,’ Aug 2011.
  25. Telukunta, Rohit (August 2011)
  26. Nan Shan (August 2011)
  27. Gong Xiao (August 2011), ‘Vibration and Acoustic Performance of in-plane Honeycomb Sandwich Panels,’ Aug 2011.
  28. Prashanth Polisetty (August 2011), ‘Static Analysis and Optimization of a Honeycomb Sandwich Model,’ Non-Thesis Project.
  29. Akshay Narasimhan, (December 2010)
  30. Amarnath Proddaturi (MS) ‘Robust Parameter Design and Finite Element Analysis for a Non-Pneumatic Tire with Low Vibration,’ (Dec 2009).
  31. Shashank Bezgam (MS), ‘Design and Analysis of Alternating Spoke Pair Concepts for a Non-Pneumatic Tire with Reduced Vibration at High-Speed Rolling,’ (Dec 2009).
  32. William Rutherford (MS), “Use of Orthogonal Arrays for Efficient Evaluation of Geometric Designs for Reducing Vibration of a Non-Pneumatic Wheel During High-Speed Rolling,” (Aug 2009).
  33. Srinivasan Vimalanathan (MS), “An Investigation on Spot-Weld Modeling Complexity for Crash Simulation,” (Dec 2008).
  34. Maya Ramachandran (MS), “Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of TWEEL Geometric Parameter Modifications on Spoke Dynamics during High-Speed Rolling,” (Dec 2008).
  35. Prasanna Balaji Thiyagarajan (MS), “Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis and Optimization for Light Weight Design of an Automotive Seat Backrest,” (Dec 2008).
  36. Sreeram Polavarapu (MS), “Topology and Free-Size Optimization with Multiple Loading Conditions for Light Weight Design of Die Cast Automotive Backrest Frame,” (Aug 2008).
  37. Anwar Mohammed (MS, Non-Thesis), “Static Finite Element Analysis of an Open Thin-Walled I-Beam,” (Aug 2008).
  38. Manoj Kumar M Chinnakonda (MS), “Exact Solution Of Time History Response For Dynamic Systems With Coupled Damping Using Complex Mode Superposition,” (Aug 2007).
  39. Abhinand Chelikani (MS), “Simulation Of A Backrest Moment Test For An Automotive Front Seat Using Nonlinear Contact Finite Element Analysis,” (Aug 2007).
  40. David Scott Hesser (MS), “Integration of Finite Element Method to Enhance Modeling and Analysis for Reverse Engineering”, (Aug 2006).
  41. Rivera, Michael (MS), “Redesign of a Front Wheel Drive Drag Car using Finite Element Analysis”, (May 2004).
  42. David Suttles (MS, Non-Thesis), “Design and Parameterization of Three-Dimensional Acoustical Scattering Models,” (Dec 2003).
  43. Wagener, David (MS), “Analysis and Design of FWD Cavalier Drag Race Car Chassis,” (May 2003).
  44. Fleming, Daniel (MS), “Design of a Pro Stock Dragster Chassis using Finite Element Analysis,” (May 2003).
  45. Phaneendra Karimajji (MS), “Object-Oriented Finite Element Programming: A Comparison of Fortran90/95 and C++”, (Dec 2002).
  46. Gowda, Shivaraju B. (MS), “A Comparison of Sparse and Element-by-Element Storage Schemes on the Efficiency of Parallel Conjugate Gradient Iterative Methods for Finite Element Analysis,” (Aug 2002)
  47. Zhang, Limin (MS), “Substructure Finite Element Methods with Frequency Window Interpolation,” (Aug 2001).
  48. Sankar, Sridhar. (MS), “Complex Wavenumber Dispersion Analysis of Residual Based Finite Element Methods for Acoustic Fluid-Structure Interaction,” (Aug 2000).
  49. Thangavelu, Sri Ramkumar (MS), “Residual Based Finite Element Methods for Timoshenko Beams and Reissner-Mindlin Plates,” (Aug 2000).
  50. Tong, Yuhuan (MS), “Hybrid Least Squares Finite Element Methods for Timoshenko beams and Reissner-Mindlin Plates,” (Aug 1999).
  51. Challa, Sunil, (MS) “High-Order Accurate Spectral Elements for Wave Propagation Problems,” (Aug 1998).
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  53. Herrick, Greg, (MS) “Analysis of the Effects of Spring Perch Flexibility on Front Suspension Geometry and Roll Stiffness of a Winston Cup Stock Car Using the Finite Element Method,” (Aug 1998).
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  57. Soni, P. (MS) “The Effects of Chassis Flexibility on Roll Stiffness of a Winston Cup Stock Car,” (May 1998).