Welcome to my Clemson University webpage. I am an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at Clemson University. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, received BSc. from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, M.Eng. degree from the University of Tokyo, Japan, and Ph.D. degree from the University of Oklahoma. My current research interest includes nonlinear site response analysis, climate-adaptive geotechnical design of shallow, deep foundations, and pile-raft foundation, finite element modeling of soil-structure systems, reliability-based robust design of geotechnical systems, and centrifuge testing.

“As long as there were no machines, programming was no problem at all and we were happy solving trivial problems; when we had a few weak computers, programming became a mild problem and we started solving mildly interesting problems, and now we have gigantic computers, programming has become an equally gigantic problem, but now we can solve REAL problems.” – modified from Dijkstra, 1972

Contact: Glenn Dept. of Civil Engineering, Clemson University, 202 Lowry Hall, Clemson, SC 29634, Phone: 864 656 2818, Email: nravic@clemson.edu.