The Continuum Robotics Lab (CuRL) at Clemson University focuses on the design, modeling, implementation, and control of innovative robotic systems. A particular focus is on biologically inspired continuous backbone "tongue, trunk, and tentacle" continuum robots. Related projects include octopus-inspired continuum arms for adaptive grasping, vine-inspired "tendril" robots for remote inspection in Space environments, and robotic hoses for 3D printing of cement.

In addition, we are conducting research in innovative concepts in architectural robotics, the applications of robotics to and within the built environment. Related projects include a "robot-room" deployed in a public library to promote early literacy, novel robotic workstations and hospital bedside tables, and in-home robot teams for assisting with aging in place.

We welcome any visitors. Feel free to contact us or stop by if you are in the area. Interested and motivated students of all class levels are encouraged to contact Dr. Walker.