Equipment Training


The HERDS Equipment Training Certifications introduce students to safety practices and optimal operating procedures for basic hand tools, electric saws, drill presses, and soldering. The modules present material with a combination of video tutorials and verbal instruction. The trainees are assessed with a written quiz and practical to demonstrate their capabilities.

The first level of equipment training completed at HERDS introduces students to the safety practices of the facility. Prior to verbal training, a safety instructional video explains basic first aid practices for possible accident scenarios, including chemical burns, cuts, and fire. HERDS interns provide a tour of the facility with an emphasis on safety equipment, where students can ask questions about what they have learned in the video and where to find equipment. General instructions for how to operate basic battery powered hand tools, like cordless drills, are given on this tour. Students will complete a written exam to certify they are comfortable addressing safety violations and operating basic electric hand tools at HERDS before they are able to do so.

The Blue Certification trains students in the operation of a drill press, miter saw, and a variety of electric saws. Along with tutorial videos, HERDS interns introduce students to all of the available saws and their applications.  After a written quiz, trainees will create a part that incorporates the tools and safety practices they have just learned. The practical sharpens decision-making skills and reinforces the common safe operating procedures for fabrication with these tools.

After completion of Blue and Green Certifications, students are eligible to learn about hot work and copper soldering. The principals of soldering are similar across materials, so exposure to copper soldering gives trainees valuable experience if they wish to learn electrical soldering or welding in the future. After a tutorial video, an intern will show students the locations of the materials necessary for pipe fitting and soldering. During the HERDS tour, interns will demonstrate how to properly operate a blowtorch and pipe cutters. Lastly, trainees will take their practical, which involves creating a soldered elbow joint to size specifications while following proper safety protocol.

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